Saturday, November 05, 2011

Diwali in Mumbai..

I am always excited about Diwali. I love to clean, decorate and enjoy the general atmosphere surrounding the festival. It also marks the onset of winter season which is my favourite. I had cleaned up the whole house, washed all the curtains, extensive dusting, mopping was done. and I was all ready to celebrate it alone in the house with the little puja and some good food that I had planned to prepare but destiny had some other plan for me. Few days before Diwali, my close Aunt who stays in Mumbai called me and invited me over.

I was reluctant to go in the beginning but then I decided to go. It was better than being alone. With much argument and fight with my boss, I finally managed to land in Mumbai on the Diwali day. Mumbai is like my second home. I am pampered, made to eat, sleep and relax. There is nothing more than that, that I do in Mumbai. So all I did in Mumbai during those 5 days was eat, dress up, sleep, relax, shop and get spoilt. After a long time I wore a saree on a festival. During the day, we decorated the house with flowers, rangoli. Then it was time to deck up and leave for the puja which was in the office. Did a grand puja and came back home to eat a sumptuous meal with cousins and a lovely couple, who are old family friends. Then we all chatted till late night on Diwali, while watching the fireworks from the balcony facing the Arabian Sea. Its grand how the sky looks so beautiful on Diwali right above the sea.

The best part was to spend time with my cousin who is of my age. We never get tired of talking. We can talk for the whole night yet our talks will never end. I had some of the best food in Mumbai. Even went to eat Bhelpuri from my favourite place which is just outside Mahalaxmi temple. I had loads of brownies, ice-cream, apple crumble, pear pie and other sweets. There is no end to eating when I go to Mumbai. The 5 days were like a dream which went by so soon and it was time for me to return. But then I had a good time off from my extremely busy schedule. Gave me the much needed break.