Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Here I am

updating this space finally, after a gap of good 2 months... Life has been on a real roller coaster ride ever since I got into my new job. The amount of travel that I do everyday to earn my bread, butter, cheese, jam, cake etc is not a joke. The day normally starts at 5:30 in the morning. I have to leave the house by 7:30 to catch the 7:50 office bus. The whole day in office just goes by without getting a chance to even blink my eyes. Sometimes there is an urgency to go to the washroom but we cant leave our desks. But then I am not complaining. The work keeps me very very busy throughout the day. I dont have time to think about anything.

The good part is that I am working for one of the biggest bank in the world, i.e. the bank is our client. We just take a 20 minutes break to quickly have our lunch. Then its back to work. I leave the office around 6:15.. Never before 7:45 pm do I come back. Sometimes its even later, depending on the traffic in the city.. So one can imagine my condition by the time I come back home. I am half dead. I cant think anything at that time. I am too tired to even eat. I just need to go to sleep.

But still I am happy with where I am. I am still learning. I am working on a new domain altogether which is interesting. I am doing the hands-on which will help in the long run. The team members are co-operative and helpful. I find them quite responsible enough. But like they say, even roses have thorns. Here the thorn is the manager, who is the worst of the lot I have ever come across in my career. He has no manners, no professionalism. He doesnt know how to talk to his associates and what to talk. The whole team hates him. I hope to improve the situation once the team comes under me.

There are times when I have to work on the weekend as well.. Come November and the real shift timings will start. Night shifts are also coming up which I am so so scared of. I know my health doesnt permit me to do it but I have to do it and that also three weeks in a row...

Anyway, the good part is that so far the job looks fine to me. Atleast the financial part is taken care of. I have become quite dingy in whatever I spend on. God has His own ways to take care of things. Sometime back when I blogged about all the old items in my house, finally my fridge breathed its last. I had no other option but to buy another one. So a part of the first salary went in buying a new fridge. In another news, I have replaced the guitar as well since my teacher felt that nylon strings guitar was not for me. I got a acoustic guitar now and I am learning pretty well. I am amazed at myself how I have picked up in the last 1-1/2 months time. Now I know atleast 2 songs and I am proud to say that. :-)

A lot more needs to be written which I shall do in the coming days, hopefully.... Taking it easy till then..


Bikramjit said...

I think i have to work harder , casue i cant suffice with "bread, butter, cheese, jam, cake ".. I need the roti, the rice , chicken and Daal and a whole lot of other things tooo ...

he he he Sorry sorry :)

As long as you are enjoying working, times dont matter .. its hard when one does not enjoy..

All the best and WOW on the guitar too .. Take care

Rambler said...

Congrats on your new job..and well its always fun to learn isnt it

dipikasingh said...

i wake up at 7.30. hats off to you.