Friday, July 15, 2011


has been attacked yet again.. and I am speechless again.. Enough has been said by various people across the world, but nothing comes close to what the person, who went through it, feels about it. A common Mumbaikar, who leaves for his work and thinks whether he will come back home safely in the evening. Nothing can assure that. Our lives have become so cheap, that it does not matter to our government if a few hundreds are injured or die in such an attack. All that they have to offer is their hollow sympathy.

Do they have the courage to travel in a local train/bus without any fear. If the elite people are targetted, just like what happened in 2008, the security would be pepped up. I am not saying that the elite crowd should be targetted. My question is, what is our government doing about it? why do we pay taxes? We are fined for crossing the signal when the lights turned orange mid-way.. Because we failed to judge the timing of the signal. But who will fine these politicians who fail every time to protect our country..

What if one of the minister's son was on a visit to Zaveri Bazar? Will they talk about the spirit of Mumbai or will they turn tables upside down to find the culprit. Damn the spirit of Mumbai!! Its not the spirit, its their helplessness. Because we do not have a choice of simply sitting at home and expect a meal on our tables at the end of the day. I have to travel 30 kms one way everyday to the suburbs in the local/bus or on foot to earn my daily bread. In anycase, I do dodge the road accidents, nature's fury to reach my work place.. But I need to learn to tackle bomb blasts as well. I have to become used to it. Yesterday it was someone else, today its you, tomorrow it will be me. I cannot escape it every time. Everytime I travel from Pune to Mumbai, I have to wait outside the Dadar station for 5 minutes, to allow the driver to get the car. Now I should be prepared that there could be a bomb waiting to explode and I will not be allowed to leave the station despite heavy rains and other chaos.. Isnt it..

Where are the Rajs, Sonias, Manmohans, Chavans and other such like, when we are hit. Do I just make peace with the fact that none of my friends/relatives were affected?? Am I supposed to react only when
someone known to me is injured?? How can we remain calm when we (dont) know what lies ahead of us? Should I stop going out on weekends for a movie/lunch/dinner or a simple walk!!! Yes, I am agitated, furious, outraged at the callous attitude shown towards such incidents in our country. I have always loved India for more reasons than one and have never wanted to leave this place. Now I think that if we do not even have the basic safety, then what am I supposed to do.

The media - electronic/print, the lesser said about them is better... The blow it out of the proportion just to increase their ratings. They have forgotten the real meaning of journalism. For them its just another 'Breaking news/byte'. Instead of being the voice of the common man, they have a different path to follow. Sometimes I wonder whether they are present to represent us, our views, take our messages forward, act as a communicator between us and the government or simply remain unaffected by dishing out the sympathy(?) messages from the ministers..

Currently the sky is covered with grey clouds only in the monsoons, but our lives are perpetually covered with grey clouds with no hope for any silver lining.. I think I am asking for too much if I demand my basic safety.. Thank you for making me feel so unsafe. Now I know, that next time it will be me, with someone else writing about it..

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