Friday, July 22, 2011

A day without a phone..

Few days back I forgot my phone at home. I had kept it on charging. Since I was in a hurry to leave for the office, I forgot to carry it. The moment I stepped out of the lift, I realized that I have left the phone at home. I thought, let it be. I wanted to see what happens on a day when I dont carry my phone.

On a normal day I dont get any calls at all, barring one or two either from my Mom or someone from office, if at all. Infact now I think why do I keep a phone. I get jokes from a couple of friends mostly. Otherwise nobody calls me. I also dont call anyone. I dont carry a hi-tech phone with the touch screen, QWERTY keypad and a host of other features, which I cant understand for the life of me. I dont surf internet on the phone, nor do I feel the need to be logged in, all the time to keep in touch with the whole world.

So as expected, I thought it would be a normal day for me. And frankly speaking, I did not get any of the restless feeling that I dont have the phone with me, what if someone calls me, what if there is an important call.. Nah!! Nothing like that.. Does it sound strange to you? Even though I am currently looking for a new job, still I did not feel the need of not having a phone by my side, all the time. I knew that if there is something really urgent, there are other ways to catch me. I mean there were days 10 years back, when everyone did not have the cell phone and still our lives carried on smoothly. I fail to understand to be connected with everyone all the time. Or atleast be available to everyone, whenever they want us.. I would rather not carry the phone, than get irritated by unwanted calls.

So far so good.. The day went perfectly fine.. But hell broke lose when I reached home. When I took the phone off the charger, I realized there were around 15 missed calls!! Wow.. Thats quite a lot. I wondered, who was trying to call me frantically. Guess who it was.. My Mom!!! And a couple of calls from other numbers.. I immediately asked her what had happened. Very sweetly she says, she called me just like that. But when I did not answer her 2 calls, she got worried and thats why she kept trying my number the whole day.. She did not know that I forgot my phone at home, so she was worried. Moms... I told her not to get worried so easily. Its possible that if I am stuck somewhere in office, even if I carry my phone, I will not be able to answer. Infact she knows that I dont pick up the phone, when I am in a meeting. But then she says: 'You always message me, if you are busy'.. Oh yeah, I do.. So the point is, I have to carry the phone whether I like it or not.. Atleast Mom will be at peace..


Bikramjit said...

Mums :) god bless them , they get worried at everything ..

YEah do carry it please for her peace :)


Sid the Gnome said...

hahaha! Mums, eh? I have to say, I would be lost without my phone. I do so much on it, I feel like I am missing an arm if I don't have it with me.