Friday, June 03, 2011

Parents and Old Age

My Mom turned 60 yesterday. While I missed being with her on her birthday, my only wish for her was good health and peace. I know how much she has been struggling with her health for the last so many years. I remember a few days ago, I found a passport size photograph of hers taken almost 7-8 years. When I compared it with the recent one, I almost had tears in my eyes. Her face has pulled down, cheeks gone, eyebrows disappeared, eyes shrunken.. One could easily say that she has become weak.

Her energy level has reduced tremendously. She gets breathless very soon. She needs rest after every few hours. Her gait has slowed down. She cant take a full day’s outing with that much ease. She needs her own time to get ready. Still the amount of work that she can do is much more than I can ever think of doing. Even at this age, she is enthusiastic about cleaning the house, cooking good food, calling people over, making achaars, chutneys etc.

No matter how much we will try to discourage her from doing so much work, she’ll get into it. The result of the situation is a Mahabharat in the house. Now that her hand has an acute pain, the doctor has advised her rest. She is not allowed to do any kind of heavy work which includes cooking as well. While I can easily deal with the situation where she is not cooking, I feel bad at her state of feeling helpless. Sometimes I wish I could do something to change her state.

We know that one day all of us will grow old, but seeing our parents growing old, weak is tough to accept. For us, they are our support system. I have seen my Nanaji growing older, weaker day by day. But when I see my Mom getting old, its so hard for me to accept. May be because of her health issues. I want to give her a comfortable life where she will not have to worry about anything in the house. She’ll just lead a carefree, peaceful life. I want her to get well. I understand that her energy level will not be the same again but atleast she’ll be better health wise.


My Soulitude said...

Yes Soulmate, it's very tough indeed! I fear this the most, to watch parents age. I wish there was an escape route.

Pilot-Pooja said...

great wishes for everyone's mother on this heaven earth!

May all your sweet dreams come true!

Psych Babbler™ said...

I so know what you mean Soulmate! I look at my parents and find it hard to accept the same as well. Funny dad turns 60 today. Wish your mum a Happy Birthday and here's to her health and happiness!

Steve Finnell said...

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Anonymous said...

I feel that we all have to go through this phase. Yes, it's tough to see one parent face it-Dad or Mom. Moms are like that only--they will do all the chores by themselves and the love for us never diminishes.God bless ur maa