Thursday, June 02, 2011

I and my Kinetic

I did not have any vehicle when I was school. I did get a bicycle but that was not until Class X, which carried on till my Post Graduation.. I always had an eye for Kinetic. I was madly in love with the vehicle. For me, it’s the smartest scooter around.

So when I started working, the first thing that I wanted to buy was a Kinetic.. Now I have a nine years old Kinetic. I bought it a year after I started working, saving every month from the measly salary that I got.. So one can imagine, its my prized possession. And I made the full payment in one go. There was no loan taken. I got the accessories fitted, helmet bought, and it was ready to go around the world. I am so possessive about it, that I would not let any one drive it apart from my brother, but not before he got thousand instructions from me, as to how to handle it.. Thats another story that he was the one who brought it home from the dealer, and taught me all its features.. Infact he was the one who sat with me when I went for my first ride..

Till today, I have not found any other scooter which would match its standard. The wide, long seats, big leg room, the look is all very classy. A couple of years back, Kinetic has stopped the production of this scooter. It still did not hurt me, since I had my scooter. But now when I am in Pune and ride my scooter, again, everyday for commuting to office, I realize that its life span has almost come to an end. It was sparingly used during my stint in NCR though. But nothing is eternal on this planet. The scooter is more than nine years old now. Though it has done the mileage of only 17000 kms till now, is in perfect condition, still it gives a problem sometimes.

Now I was thinking of getting the scooter replaced, much to my disappointment. So the search started. Nothing came in even close to, what Kinetic is. Either the seats are not long enough, or they are very narrow, or there is not enough leg room, or the look or the availability, something or the other is wrong.. May be because I am looking for an exact replica, which is difficult to find. Now I have almost given up the idea of getting my Kinetic exchanged. It may create even more problems later, since its production has stopped, non-availability of spare parts, problems in finding a buyer, but I am ready to take it on. I love it way too much, to part with it simply.

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