Thursday, June 09, 2011

Do you talk to yourself?

I have this habit of talking to myself. Most of the times when I am on my own, I will be talking. Infact I have noticed that even if someone is with me, I may keep murmuring something or the other about whatever work I am doing or whatever I am thinking.

I remember many years back, while I was writing an exam, I was talking to myself. I was saying what I was writing, but not loud enough to be heard by anyone. One of my teacher could see my lip movement. She thought that I am telling some answer to my fellow student behind me. When she came near my desk, she realized that I am speaking in such low tone, that even she could not hear. She told me that I should not speak while writing. Thats when I realized that I was talking to myself.

Even now when I am thinking, may be while shopping or while trying to make a decision, I would be talking to myself. Infact I am talking while I am writing this post. I guess it does sounds weird, but thats how I am. May be it helps me to release the thoughts that I want to say but would not normally say. Like today morning, when I saw the weather outside, I said to myself: 'You should have washed all the clothes yesterday. How will they dry up in the evening today. Its going to rain heavily. '

The worst case is with the maid. When she and I are together in the kitchen, as usual I would murmur to myself about any pending work or remind myself about something, she would think that I am talking to her. She keeps asking: 'What did you say? ' Most of the times I say things, not to make anyone hear, but because I have this habit..

I am sure it sounds insane to many of you. Does it really?


Titaxy said...

I talk to myself when I am alone in the house...more like whispering, not talking. That too mostly only when I am cleaning..I dunno why :P

Other times it all goes on only in my mind.

Anonymous said... to myself a lot! :) Always have. I had read years ago that it was a sign of giftedness :P But on a serious note, it is a sign of good executive functioning especially when you are talking out loud about plans or cleaning or shopping lists. I think though occasionally I come across as insane when I'm at the shops talking to myself about what were the other things I needed! :P

Bikramjit said...

Well well I sometimes amaze myself how I cna hold a full conversation with myself while i am driving alone enroute to work or otherwise :)

I bet people watching me think whats this Nerd doing in the car ..


Anonymous said...

Soulmate - I just started reading your blog and I can't tell you how much I identify with you at the moment. I am sure to visit here more often from now on!

Rambler said...

not insane at all, I have this habit of talking to myself when I count stuff, just like you not loud enough for others to hear the count :)