Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Of tall glasses of Cold Coffee....

Sometime back I wrote about how much I love milk.. I still do.. But given the fact that my digestion has become weak or some buri nazar by someone, I cant have milk everyday now... Though I love milk in its white form only, the only other thing that I can have is coffee and that also if its cold.. Give me a glass of good cold coffee in the morning, and I can happily pass off the whole morning without eating anything else...

So when I had cold coffee last weekend after a long long time, you can imagine the smile on my face.. I love cold coffee to bits. But it has to be made my way... There should be no cream in the milk - the biggest pre-requisite for me to have milk in the first place, otherwise I wont even touch it. I absolutely abhor cream.. Secondly the milk has to be totally chilled. The colder the better.. There are times when I have actually put crushed ice in my cold coffee.. Infact cold coffee tastes better if you put some crushed ice in it, before churning it in the mixer.I dont want those ice cubes floating in the coffee. Dont like it. Even the amount of coffee and sugar needs to be right.. I dont like extremely bitter or sweet coffee, though I love dark chocolates and I have a sweet tooth at the same time.. Quite a contrast I am..
The coffee powder should be somewhere around 1/2 teaspoon.. A spoonful of sugar.. Some crushed ice, though not always... Give it 3-4 churns in the mixer.. Please make sure that the sugar dissolves in the milk.. I dont like sugar settled at the bottom of the glass.. My big tall glass of absolutely delicious, drool worthy cold coffee with a big lather on the top is ready to be gobbled down... Take a sip.. Its heaven... Aah!!

When I go to some coffee shop, again its always cold coffee for me.. and I am quite fixed in what I want.. Though I have tried almost everything available on the menu of Cafe Coffee Day, Barista, Costa Coffee, my favourite remains which comes to a normal cold coffee i.e. Iced Eskimo or a Barrista..

and yeah.. I love to lick my lips after having cold coffee.. The same way the kids do it or they show it in the ads.. :-)

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Sunday, May 15, 2011

I dunno why but I feel good...

Yeah yeah... what a 180 degrees transformation from my previous post.. Today when I woke up, I was generally happy.. It was a bright Sunday morning with cool breeze blowing, birds chirping, freshness in the air, my favourite songs playing on the radio station.. May be thats what made me happy... I had a good night sleep yesterday after a long long time.. When I woke up, there was no tiredness.. Infact I was so very energetic.. I went for a long morning walk after a long long time, which made me feel so good... :-) I even met my neighbour's dog whom I simply love.. He is an absolutely adorable and lovable Labrador.. and I know that he also likes to play with me...

Everything was done on time.. The maid came on time, house cleaned, kitchen done, laundry done, lunch cooked.. Suddenly I had so much time on my hand.. Everything looked so bright and cheerful... I was hopping around the whole house generally singing and dancing and feeling good... I dont know what was it all about and why.. I dont even want to know..

I even had my favourite cold coffee after a very long time.. Thankfully, my stomach did not misbehave today.. I saw the pretty flaming gulmohurs.. A few clouds floating like soft cotton balls in the sky.. Its as if love is in the air.. May be it is.. Everything just seemed perfect today, for a change.. :-)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hurricanes and Tornadoes....

Currently I am dealing with all sorts of hurricanes and tornadoes. You cant see them physically nor it is reported by any news paper. Its happening inside me and promises to destroy me. I am fighting hard against it. I want to emerge as a survivor but its getting difficult day by day. My energy level is going down minute by minute. The grip is loosening up.

I have not been able to sleep properly. For four days in a row, I could not sleep. I wanted to sleep, but sleep was far eluding my eyes. My body is extremely tired. I am exhausted, stressed. I am so restless that all I need is some rest. I dont feel like cooking, getting up, eating or doing anything for that matter. Everyday I get up in an irritated mood. For the past so many days, I have not practised my guitar, which is my passion. I have not even gone to the class. I dont like anything around me. I am not sure what is wrong or where I am headed to. I dont know if it is due to all the problems that I am bogged down with. But then all of us have our own set of problems, isnt it. Then why am I complaining so often, you may ask. I have no answer.

I am also at a situation, where other people's problems have started affecting me. It seems I am handling too many problems of too many people right now. Everyone seems to be coming to me with their set of issues. Its taking a toll on me now. I cant handle so much. Its breaking me. Its getting worse since I dont speak to anyone about how I feel. Rather I dont know or have anyone to talk to. I have also realised that loneliness is also playing its part in pulling me down. I have not taken a break for more than a year which could also be one of the reason.

Sometimes I feel that did I make a mistake by coming to Pune. I cant leave this place. I dont have anywhere to go to. Given a choice, I want to QUIT right now, run back to Dehra Dun and never ever come back again. I dont know what will I do in Doon but I am very sure that my heart will be at peace. I still feel like a stranger here. I am still scared. Every day without fail, there is a voice I hear which keeps telling me : go back to Dehra Dun. I am in a catch 22 situation. No matter what, I cant leave this place right now. I have a financial responsibility on my head which I have to take care of. So many times I feel did I make a mistake in buying a house.

I have been working non-stop for the past 11 years almost. There have been multiple ups and downs. This is not the first time that I am feeling low, but for the past few days, what is happening is indescribable. The insecurity surrounding me is way too over whelming. I am just surviving. I dont even know what am I doing or why am I doing. Do I sound insane? May be I have lost it completely. May be I am over reacting, but its pathetic.

Monday, May 09, 2011

Budget goes haywire...

Just a few posts back, I wrote about how and why I have to save. The budget is planned for the house and I have to stick to it, if I want to take care of other financial responsibilities as quickly as possible. While I do manage to stick somewhere close to it, every month now, with a variation of 10-15% here and there, now the true colors are coming out.

When we shifted to our new house, I did not buy anything new. Absolutely nothing. Same old furniture, house hold appliances, curtains, decorations, you name it and it was old. The two new things that our house has, courtesy my relatives are : A washing machine, which I never had before.. Also considering the fact that I was getting too tired of washing all the clothes on a weekend, which comprised of a big laundry of the weeklong clothes, plus bedsheets, towels, bedcovers, linen, jeans and all, it had almost become a necessity for us to have one, but I was procrastinating since I had no money at all to afford one.. So the washing machine came as a house warming gift from one of my relative... As usual, I just hung the old curtains in the house which were more than 10 years old.. So another relative of mine, who simply loves decorating the house, insisted that I should get atleast new curtains, if not the matching bedcovers and bedsheets. While I chose the material, design, print for the curtains, she funded them..
So far so good.. I still dont have a sofa set for my living room and I am completely ok with it. I have lived with the cane chairs for the past 10 years and will continue with them for few more years to come. Now comes the dining table. The dining table doesnt have the chairs which go with it. They were some random chairs picked up by Mom when we were in Doon.. The dining table has its own story. Its more than 35 years old.. Its play has almost given away from the inside. The legs have become lose. The edges have worn away, but its usable. Now come the other things. Our refrigerator is more than 13-14 years old. TV is more than 12 years old. The music system is more than 11 years old. The press is 10 years old. My kinetic and car are more than 9 years old. We all know that all these things have a certain amount of life. Nothing is eternal. So while I had made a budget to keep my expenses at bay, other problems have started cropping up.

First the TV went off. One fine day, it refused to switch on. I called up the service centre. The guy who came, couldnt repair it. He said that some part has gone off, plus this model is no more in the market, so its difficult. But there was one ray of hope. He asked me to take it to one of the shop. Incase they are able to repair it, fine.. Otherwise the TV needs to be given away. I had no heart or money to buy a new TV. I tried my luck and luckily, the man at shop was able to repair it after almost 15 days but with no guarantee or warranty. He said clearly if this part goes off again, then the time to dispose off TV finally will be here. As it is its an old one. The old one will not fetch more than 1000-1200 Rs while the new one cost as much as I want to spend. One problem solved for the time being.

Now it was time for the refrigerator to start acting up. For the past few days I noticed whenever I keep something in the fridge, it turns stale, smelly and rottens up in just couple of days of time. Strange it was. Plus there was hardly any ice formation in the freezer. Again I called up the service centre. The man who came, showed me that there is a problem with the coil. The compressor needs to changed, plus the pipe and gas needs to be re-filled. All this would cost around 5000 Rs. I also asked him if I sell this fridge, how much will it fetch me. He said that it wont get more than 1200-1500 Rs. I dumped the idea of spending 5000 Rs on such an old fridge.. The new fridge will cost me around 16.5K but again I dont have that much money to spend on the new fridge. :-(

I am not even getting into the story of other appliances which have started giving me a problem - press, toaster, mixie plus my vehicles. I have no clue what to do. I can happily live without a TV but I need the fridge. It seems that there is no point in making the budget. The more I try to save, the more I end up spending. The whole universe around me is planning to go against my plans of saving to finish up the home loan quickly. Now again either I get a new job with a higher moolah raked in or live with these problems. I am so very fed up these days with all the problems over my head. I desperately need a break or a solution.. God!! Please help...