Friday, April 29, 2011

I saved someone's life today....

Not practically but in some way... Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I donated blood today.. I have done that quite a number of times in the past so I look forward to it.. I am extremely scared of needles, injections, blood, the whole atmosphere.. Still I put up a brave face and go.. I just turn my head away when they prick. I dont look at the blood pouch or any such thing.. The best thing is the story that follows every time. Given that my size is fairly on the smaller side, people find it hard to believe that I can donate blood as well.. It has nothing to do with my good health that I have otherwise.

First time when I went to donate blood, our business head was standing in front of me. He was known for his jovial, cheerful and on the spot one line statement... He knew me well.. The first line that came out of him for me was: 'Has she come to donate blood or get some. I hope she doesnt fall after donating.' As luck would have it, just 10 days after donating the blood, I was down with severe chicken pox and very high fever for more than three weeks.

Last time when I went to donate the blood it was around afternoon.. As a process my haemoglobin test was done. It was positive. The doctor's remark :'You are the first girl whose haemoglobin is positive. We have rejected all the girls since morning.' My reaction, with a big smile on my face: 'Dont go by my size. I eat well'.. After that most of the girls who came, their results were positive. He referred me as their lucky mascot. Once the donation was over, they made me sit for a few minutes though I did not eat anything that was offered. The moment I got up, the doctor noticed that through the small handyplast that was stuck on my hand, blood was flowing and dripping profusely on the floor.. Some adventure had to be there. He was horrified, gave me some more cotton and made me sit for next few minutes. When I was leaving, he warned me to come and see him immediately if blood comes out again.

Today when I went in the morning, there were many girls in the waiting. As luck would have it, most of them were being rejected because of low haemoglobin. But I like a lucky girl, passed the test, much to he amusement of many people around me.. The common story that happens every time is to find my vein. My hand is quite transparent in terms of veins. You can actually count the veins that run right up to the shoulder. I know it
sounds weird. But when it comes to finding the correct vein to pierce the needle in, none of the doctors seem to find it. They always struggle. They move from one hand to the other, in the hope to find it. Today the doctor asked me :'Do you remember from which hand you donated the blood last time?' Ofcourse I did not. Somehow they managed to find it. Finally!!! So I donated the blood again today and came back all glee and happy.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

I am on a budget..

Budget is what I have heard since childhood. I used to hear from everyone around and wonder, even if people had money, why wouldnt they spend it. After all money is meant to be spent. Once I grew up I understood, why wouldnt anyone spent all the money that they had. When I started working, I was so happy that I had all the money to myself to spend and in whichever way I want to. I was not answerable to anyone. But hold on, my Mom told me to keep a curb on the expenses. She would always advise how much I should spend and how much I should save for the rainy day. I never used to understand the rationale behind it but still I would listen.

So while I saved for the holidays, there was always a small amount which would go as saving - not meant to be spent at all. The money would get accumulated and invested. This would result in some bit of saving as well as my share of having fun, which I had always wanted. This continued for a good period of 10 years. Now after that when I finally decided to buy a house, came the big blow.. All the money that I had accumulated as part of my savings were gone in one shot. Plus like everyone, I had to take a home loan. I wanted to reduce the home loan as much as possible. So I used up all my money invested in all the possible places. Even I have withdrawn all my PF amount which normally people save for their old age. Not that this has resulted in my home loan being a small amount, but yeah whatever contribution my savings could make, I did that..

Now the result is I have absolutely no money as part of savings.. :-).. All that I have is my salary coming in every month, part of which happily goes in my home loan. Now looking at the loan, which gives me nightmares, I want to get rid of it as quickly as possible. May be in another 4-5 years. This can again happen if I reduce my expenses. So now to get rid of my home loan quickly plus to pay for the EMI, a budget has been drafted. I dont use my card so happily, the way I used to. I have decided on a certain amount that should be spent every month. The money is withdrawn in the beginning of the month. All the bills, shopping would be done with that much money ONLY. No use of card, unless it is absolutely necessary.

I have to keep a check on my shopping for shoes and tops, which I love to buy. There is a check on the number of times I eat out, the places where I go to eat.. Also the number of movies that I watch in the theatre.. I also check whether a particular vegetable/fruit is worth the price that I am paying for.. Not that I didnt do it
before, but now I am more vigilant.. I dont even know when will I be able to take my next holiday.. All this means, that now I am surviving on a budget..

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My Crowning Glory..

I love going for hair cut.. Since childhood I have longed for long hair but as gave in to Mom's wish since she wanted me to sport a smart hair cut.. Also she felt that if I had long hair, it would stunt my growth and I would not be tall enough(not that I am very tall even now)... Nevertheless, all this resulted that I loved hair cut sessions..

Ever since I have started working, I decide what kind of hair cut I want.. I have experimented with different styles, lengths.. Layers, Steps, Bob, Deep U, simple U, Deep U with Bangs, Flicks.... But one thing has remained constant.. My hair doesnt grow beyond a certain length i.e. upto mid waist.. After that it stops.. But still its long enough to style it in a way that I want to...

I have always been quite particular about it.. It makes a lot of difference to my personality the kind of hair cut that I sport.. Given that I have almost straight hair with good texture, makes me even more possessive about them.. I love my hair.. Too much of self love.. :-))

A few months back I went for my first hair cut ever since I shifted to Pune to a supposedly very well renowned Hair Dresser's salon of our nation... What a disaster it was.. That man just ran the scissors through my hair, without even thinking about the style, cut, length.. In the end, I was almost in tears.. I almost shouted at him.. I just tied my hair and walked off... Waited patiently for three months to grow my hair to a decent length before I could get a decent cut done again...

This time I went to a different place.. Told them about my previous nightmarish experience.. I asked them very clearly if they know and understand what kind of hair cut would suit me, only then I will allow them to touch my hair, otherwise Thank You Very Much...

The man was the owner himself this time.. He assured me.. I saw him giving a few hair cut to others and quite liked him.. He said that he would do it himself for me.. Eagerly I hopped on to the chair... In the end, he made me look like a Diva.. I am so much in love with my hair cut again.. Its a Deep U with a bit of layer and a few bangs on the sides... It gave me so much of confidence that you cant imagine.. They look bouncy, thicker and above all, they look so nice.. I feel like keeping my hair open even in these hot summers.. I can see those admiring glances all around me.. I just love them way too much right now.. Also it came at a time when I was feeling low.. So I have discovered - When you are feeling low, go for a nice hair cut.. Yay!!!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Drained out...

Right now I am completely exhausted.. I have no energy, no enthusiasm, no excitement, basically nothing to look forward to.. Every morning I just get up, do the routine, get ready and leave for office half heartedly.. There is nothing good waiting for me when I come to office.. Its just another drag day for me.. I keep on reading the whole day.. Nothing concrete to work upon.. When I come back home in the evening, I am so exhausted and tired that I just want to fall into the bed and sleep, even if it means that I have to skip my dinner.. I have no interest in cooking.. Its becoming a huge task for me to cook every evening.. Blame it on the heat or my mood or people around me or the whole atmosphere in general..

Last week I did take a couple of days off to spend in Mumbai.. But once I came back, I was even more tired.. My mind keeps telling me that I need a break from this monotonous routine. I am coming to a point to realize that probably I am not doing what interests me.. At the same point I also know that I have continue to do this until I am relieved of the financial responsibility that I have... Till that time, I am stuck..

I have also realized that I am playing an agony aunt to a lot of people these days, which is also perhaps one of the reasons why I am not full of energy for myself. A lot of my friends are going through a lot in their personal lives.. I appreciate the fact that they share it with me, but at the end of it, it completely drains me out. They want to talk to me every second day.. I cant say No to any one of them. They all are my good friends.. Sometimes there are days when I dont want to chat with anyone, except for the one with whom I want to.. Still I cant ignore anyone's call or message. I know they are going through a bad phase in their lives.. They need a friend to be there only to listen..

In between all this, I end up eating wrong kind of food. I have gained weight due to this.. I have an ever lasting craving for sweets, which I find extremely hard to curb. I have to divert my attention to something else.. I have stopped buying chocolates otherwise I shall end up eating all of them together.. I need to go for regular morning walk, which I have not been able to. The only reason being, I am so sleepy every morning. I do go to sleep at a decent time.. But my dreams are not nice.. I dont remember them exactly but when I get up in the morning, I know that I dreamt something strange, rather weird.

There is a lot going on around me personally and professionally. I simply want to be out of this place for sometime. I have not taken a vacation more than one and a half years which could also be the reason for the current state. I need to spend sometime away from everyone in the lap of the nature... I want to cut off from this whole world for a bit.. I want to go back to Doon and spend some time there. I want to meet Mam.. I know I am coming back to this phase very often lately but I cant help it.. I am just so tired of everything and everyone around me.. I need a break or I will break...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

We are the world.. We are the Champions...

Yes, this post should have come almost a week ago, but better late than never.. So finally we are the world champions... The much awaited ICC World Cup is ours.. What a nail biting match it was.. Every moment is truly cherished and it shall be lived for a long long time to come.. We all remember how dejected we felt in 2007 world cup

Like all, even I was nervous, tensed and had butterflies in the stomach.. This time I watched the match right from the start... And here start means, when the toss was done. This time, it was done twice.. The first time match referee could not hear among the noise of the crowd, who said what... Sri Lanka won the toss and as obvious, elected to bat first. The team who batted first had generally won the world cup.. Knowing our team it was easier for us to bat first than to chase.. But still we kept our hopes alive..

Though Sri Lanka started on a low note, Mahela Jayawardene's superb ton made sure that Sri Lanka gave us a pretty decent target to chase - 275 runs in 50 overs is what we needed to win.. Indian fielding was at its best, thanks to Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina specifically. Our bowlers managed to restrict the opponents superbly in the first few overs..

Not even for a moment, I got up from my chair.. I just did not want to miss any moment which may have been the best moment of the match.. Every expression, every boundary, every wicket falling is clearly etched in my mind.. Then came India's batting. All the hopes high, we waited with bated breath and heart beating faster... Couple of balls and Sehwag was out.. The first blow.. But its ok.. We still have the rest of the team.. Gautam and Sachin played some good knocks before Tendulkar was caught at his personal score of 18.. So the Little Master had to go back without completing his 100th ton in the world cup.. India's score was 31/2 at that time. Extremely crucial stage.. In came Virat Kohli. He and Gambhir took charge of the situation by playing some very good cricket. The runs kept flowing. Personally I get tensed when Malinga bowls.. You just dont know where his ball lands.. But that day, even he also could not do anything. When Kohli was out, everyone was waiting for the golden man - Yuvraj to come over and take over...

There was a surprise waiting. Instead of Yuvraj, in came our skipper - MS Dhoni.. Dhoni had been in good form of batting all this while. So yes, there was a lot of anxiety... The cricket that Dhoni and Gambhir played was world class. Together they had put up a partnership of more than 100 runs.. It seemed as if Sri Lankans did not know what to do to stop the men in blue.. With every boundary, the cheer grew louder and the dance wilder..Gambhir got out at 97.. He deserved that century but!! In came Yuvraj and then there was no stopping.. Dhoni hit the final six with ten balls to spare.. He did it again.. All the hell broke lose.. The sky lit up.. People came out on the streets to celebrate.. I myself was simply dancing and shouting all around the house...

My neighbours must have thought that I have gone mad.. I cant forget the look on our cricketers.. Tears of joy, laughter, the amazing feeling, the way they hugged each other, the wave to the crowd - it was all euphoric.. Those moments have come after waiting for 28 long years and completely worth it.. On a side note, some people did think that we are wasting our time in watching a stupid game.. The time could have been productively used. The money spent is insane. I am nowhere involved in all this. For me, it was a game that I have enjoyed since childhood and still do.. Its an individual choice. You dont want to watch it, dont. But please dont crib about why others are watching and enjoying. We have won the world cup.. Thats the most important thing. It is meant to be enjoyed.. So enjoy it till it lasts.. WE ARE THE WORLD CHAMPIONS...