Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The clash of the titans...

is happening today. India vs. Pakistan world cup cricket semi final is on at Mohali.. Like every other Indian, even I am nervous.. Infact I am more nervous than my Physics board exam.. This match is crucial for both the teams.. Such is the hype, that both the nations' Prime Ministers are going to be present at the venue to watch it live.. I am not getting into the discussion, the nuisance caused by this decision of getting the two Prime Ministers together.

So while we dont have any official holiday today, everyone has decided to come early and leave early to make sure that every moment of the match is watched. I am also leaving early from the office to watch the match. I shall be glued to the television to watch every ball and cheer for our team. The snacks, biscuits, fanta etc. is all stocked up. I am going to scream and cheer at every six/boundary being hit by Indian batsmen.. Considering the rumours that this is Sachin's last world cup, I hope that we win this game. Infact today's match is more than a game. Its no less than a war.

The world will come to a stand still when the match will be on. There is nothing more important than to watch this nail biting match. I have cheered in every match. and I am going to cheer again at my loudest best today. The adrenalin rushing, the excitement, the nervousness, the tension - its all worth it.. Pray that India wins this match.. Go for it, Men in Blue.. All the best!!!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Posts, Postman and Post Offices..

Yesterday while going to the client ofice, I saw a postman, in his khakhi uniform, on his bicycle in the scorching sun, with a bundle of letters. It brought back the days in Doon when we used to wait eagerly for the postman to arrive with our letters. Except for Sunday and other gazetted holidays, every single day we got letters in our home.

It was so normal for us to see the postman everyday. Infact the day he did not come, we wondered what had happened. He was an old man inhis 50s, who had been coming to our house for many many years. Infact in all my years of stay in Doon, I saw the same person. He used to come on foot, with a khakhi bag and a few in his hand. All the letters were neatly arranged according to the addresses. He covered the entire area on foot. I was amazed by his memory and energy. Even if someone had written a wrong address, still he delivered the letter at the correct address. How could he remember everyone's name and address so distinctly. It was not a small area that he covered. I remember Mom always gave him sweets on Diwali and he was ever so thankful with a smiling face.

Its a change now. We dont write letters anymore. We dont send cards. We hardly use the post office. These have been replaced by emails, e-cards, phone calls, sms, courier service. The time has gone when we purchased cards, wrote letters, put stamps and post them. Then wait anxiously for the reply. Whenever I used to spot the postman on the road, I asked, if he had any letter for any of us.

I miss going to the post office, posting letters, cards and more importantly receiving replies. No matter what the season was - scorching heat, heavy rains or nail biting cold, the postman came and delivered the letters on time. I admired that old man, how he remembered every individual's name in our house. He knew all five of us by name. At times, we gave letters to him to post in the post office. Now the situation is, forget about the letters and postman, people have forgotten about a thing called Post Office. The collection of different stamps, spotting the postman, the smile that he brought with those letters is still unmatched. I love the feeling of those hand written letters, being pasted, stamped and then posted. How many journeys that letter does before it finally reaches our hands. I miss all of these..

Thursday, March 10, 2011


Right at this moment, I am in an extremely pathetic mood.. There are multiple reasons to it.. I guess I am too affected by the circumstances around me.. Dealing with my close friends' problems, my own professional problems, Mom's health problems and then problems in the home...
I need a break from all this.. I am tied up in chains.. I need a miracle.. I need solutions.. I need some peace.. I need rest.. I need some love.. I need assurance.. I cant be assuring every one else all the time, when I am the weakest from deep inside... Its so very stressful for me... I need that one comforting word, shoulder, hand which shall lift me up.. May be I need God!!!

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Holds true for me..

Read this on internet... Its so beautiful.. I feel so much connected with it...

Kitabo ke panne palat ke sochte hai,
Youn palat jae zindagi to kya baat hai
Tamanna jo puri ho khwabon mein,
Haqiqat ban jaye to kya baat hai
Kuch log matlab ke liye dhundte hai mujhe,
Bin matlab koi aaye to kya baat hai
Katal kar ke to sab le jayenge dil mera,
Koi baato se le jaaye to kya baat hai
Jo sharifo ki sharafat mein baat na ho,
Ek sharabi keh jaaye to kya baat hai
Zinda rehne tak to khushi dunga sabko,
Kisi ko meri maut pe
khushi mil jaye to kya baat hai

Friday, March 04, 2011


You give me the wings to fly
You give me a reason to smile
You help me to let my sorrows go by
Walk with me for that extra mile....