Friday, February 04, 2011

My love..

for armed forces is no secret from anyone. Infact all those who know me, personally or through this blog know very well how touchy and emotional I am about armed forces. I personally believe that people in armed forces are cut above the rest. They stand on a pedestal higher than the rest of the world. I am not trying to put down anyone's profession or work but yes, what armed forces do for us is we should be thankful for.

Like I said in one of my earlier posts that my house is very close to the airport, which means that I get to witness the commercial aircrafts and the Sukhois everyday. Now this has become interesting as well as a little dangerous.

Everytime a sukhoi flies above our building, I go out to see and salute.. I have seen them performing aerobatics which simply takes your breath away. Imagine a magnificent plane taking off and doing a sort of whirlwind up in the sky.. Just takes my heart away with it. I literally skip my heart beat for a second. No it does not disturbs my sleep nor I have any issue with their loud sound when they fly above us. Till this time, everything is ok...

The problem starts when I am driving and sukhois take off. The road which I normally take to go to office or elsewhere also is the airport road.. Generally early in the morning, many Sukhois take off, I guess for their regular sortie.. Thats where the problem starts. I have this tendency of getting distracted and looking up in the sky when they fly by... There are times when I did not realise that I am riding, therefore I should be concentrating on driving. My head automatically turns to look for the plane, which means that sometimes I have literally turned my head back while riding.. People around me have given my angry glances at times, which I know is fair enough. I agree that its dangerous but then I just turn around to have a look at them.

I cannot resist them when I hear their sound. I am sure I sound like a crazy girl who id madly in love with forces, but thats how I am. I sometimes have to make a conscious effort not to get distracted by these planes. I have avoided quite a few hits because of this behaviour. I am aware that I need to behave like a responsible and matured citizen atleast.. Now I tell myself whenever I am driving not to look up in the air, no matter what. I literally have to talk to myself to concentrate.. That seems to be the only way out for me for the time being..


D said...

I wouldn't go as far as to say that people from the armed forced are a cut below the rest, because that would be an unfair generalisation. But I will say that those from the forces are certainly NOT a cut above the rest. No way! No, no, no.

indra said...

Liked it, BOL :)

Soulmate said...

@D - We sleep peacefully because there is someone standing at the border away from his family, at 18000 feet, on a cold, freeze to death wintery night protecting all of us.. That makes them a cut above the rest.. As they say: Army is a passion, not a profession..