Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are brothers/sisters not part of one family ???

Our Company's annual event was held last month... I wanted to participate but then there were reasons why I could not... Anyways, I still went ahead to take the pass after much dilly dallying... We could bring our family along since this was the annual event where the company allows us to bring our families and people get to know more about each other... Mom had never attended this event before, so I decided to collect the pass for it.
The event was strictly meant for the employees and their (immediate) family members upto a maximum of 4 per employee, including the employee... That means, there were 4 meal coupons attached with every pass.. No friends, acquaintances allowed.. So far so good...
When I went to collect the pass, they asked me who all are coming.. I said that it would be my parents and brother. I wanted to have all the meal coupons ( Had thought of asking one of Mom's relative and her mother to join us).. To my surprise, they said that coupons cannot be issued for siblings... Why??? No reason..
Just to make it light, the person said that the company doesnt recognises brother/sister to be a part of the family.. My reaction: !!!!!!

I just kept quiet after that.. But felt it was utterly foolish on their part, not to allow siblings...

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Psych Babbler™ said...

Are they for real???!!! Siblings not part of family! That's discrimination of some sort for sure. What happens if an employee's parents have passed away and the only living immediate relative they have is their sibling???