Wednesday, September 15, 2010


is what is troubling me today.. I did not sleep even for a minute yesterday night.. Whole night I just tossed and turned... I dont even know what was troubling me, but yes something was troubling me.. I was terribly tired after a long day.. Came back home after 9:30 and simply wanted to crash.. But sleep had decided to elude me.. No matter how much I tried.. Read a book, listen to music... nothing helped.. On top of it, I felt like everything that I had eaten will come out... I had not eaten anything heavy.. As a matter of fact I had skipped dinner.. The eyes were closed and I knew that they were closed.. To tell clearly, I knew that I was sleeping, whereas when a person sleeps, they dont know that they are sleeping... I did not check the time every now and then in the night..

In between, I opened my eyes to check the time and see how much more time is left, before I can actually sleep. It was close to around 3 am at that time, which meant another 3 hours of sleep(!!??), and then the daily routine starts... When I got up in the morning, my whole body ached.. Its still tired.. My eyes are heavy and its difficult for me to keep them open... I could not even skip the office.. Yes, something is troubling me and I am not at peace.. It seems tears are on the verge of breaking the walls of the eyes.. My heart is heavy and my body is tired.. What am I missing.. Why am I not able to sleep... This was the second sleepless day in a row after a long weekend of enough sleeping and relaxing.. Waiting for the day to end and hoping to catch some sound sleep tonight atleast...

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