Friday, July 30, 2010

Net (dis)connected...

Finally the net connection has been put up.. After waiting for more than a month, I got it.. Twice I filled up the forms.. First they gave me all the excuses for delaying it, that it will be done in a day or two.. When I finally gave up the patience, out came the truth.. They did not have any free connection... After much argument, they returned my money... so a few days back, the guys called me back and said the connections are available now.. I gave them the money and was told that it will be done in 4 days time.. On the fourth day, the internet man calls me to tell, that there is some problem with me ID proof, due to which they have not come to install it... Perfect!!! Gave him another ID proof and they took another two days to put up the connection..
So after going through all the stories when the connection was put up three days back, can you imagine the end result.. For two days the connection didnt work.. Some server issue. then again some technical problem. So today when I almost lost my cool, the problem turned out that the engineer had not set up the connection properly. I felt like killing myself.. God!!! They apologized and somehow they rectified the problem. Now its up and running.. I hope it continues to do so, now atleast.. Enough of these disconnected net problems..

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steve said...

heh, Welcome once more to Pune, warts and all :) Out of curiosity, which service provider was this ?