Friday, July 30, 2010

Net (dis)connected...

Finally the net connection has been put up.. After waiting for more than a month, I got it.. Twice I filled up the forms.. First they gave me all the excuses for delaying it, that it will be done in a day or two.. When I finally gave up the patience, out came the truth.. They did not have any free connection... After much argument, they returned my money... so a few days back, the guys called me back and said the connections are available now.. I gave them the money and was told that it will be done in 4 days time.. On the fourth day, the internet man calls me to tell, that there is some problem with me ID proof, due to which they have not come to install it... Perfect!!! Gave him another ID proof and they took another two days to put up the connection..
So after going through all the stories when the connection was put up three days back, can you imagine the end result.. For two days the connection didnt work.. Some server issue. then again some technical problem. So today when I almost lost my cool, the problem turned out that the engineer had not set up the connection properly. I felt like killing myself.. God!!! They apologized and somehow they rectified the problem. Now its up and running.. I hope it continues to do so, now atleast.. Enough of these disconnected net problems..

Friday, July 16, 2010


From where do I start about this place.. Do I love it or not? I still dont know. I came to this city for the first time in Sep 2000. I came here for an interview and got selected. Though I had my own apprehensions about staying here and joining the job, still I took it up.. I had initial problems of adjusting to the city but I sailed through. I spent 5 years in the city. Still I was alien to this place. The only places that I could identify with were MG Road, Koregaon Park and my place of work. Nothing more, nothing less. I visited a number of eating joints, pubs, discs, lounges and had a great party time, most of the times. I never dared to venture out in the old part of Pune. May be I was scared of all marathi speaking junta here.. I loved the weather of Pune. Just three months of summer and the rest of the year it was pleasant enough, but I missed the winters of Dehra Dun. I missed the cuckoo's song in the early morning. Still the city gave me a lot of confidence. It taught me that I can stay alone. I can plan my vacations. I took my first trip abroad from here.. I made some absolutely wonderful friends-for-life here. Yet I missed North India. I wanted to go back someday.. and it happened.

When I left Pune in 2005 after spending a good 5 years, I was extremely happy. I had decided that I shall never be back to this city. I will be closer to Doon and I shall be happy there. But I guess life had some other plans for me. I am back here after spending more than 4-1/2 years in NCR. My first reaction after coming here was : What a lovely weather. From humid, scorching heat of 45 degrees in NCR to 22 degrees of Pune. Wow.. The weather is at its best. Its windy and cloudy most of the times, these days. But its nice. I am still trying to figure out the places around. Discover some good new eating joints. Getting in touch with some very close old friends, who are my saviours here. I tasted a lot of street food.. Driving on my two wheeler again after ages.. The poor car is resting though I do plan to use it occasionally.

I may be taking up a place of my own here.. I am being pushed, advised a lot about it. I know its high time that I move out of rented house and get done and dusted with the tantrums of brokers/landlords.. I dont know where I shall be tomorrow but yes, a house can be bought. I am almost mentally prepared for it. Hope things go well from here onwards.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back to the world...

After a long hiatus of a month, I am still trying to get back to the real world.. Last one month has been absolutely crazy with number of activities happening in my life. A trip to Pune, back to NCR, packing, shifting, papers, reaching Mumbai, then to Pune.. Shifting, crazy calls with the movers & packers, arguments with the landlord, broker, joining a new job, getting a new phone connection has left me practically with no energy at all.. The house is still not fully set up.. I still dont have internet connection at home.. I still dont have any project allocated to me yet. My previous landlord has not returned my deposit till now. The present landlord is giving me a problem already... The movers & packers have not settled the claim and they dont seem to be in a mood to do so... Aggarwal movers and packers is what I selected, thinking that they would be the best since its a 'brand'... But I had the most horrifying experience with them.. None of them were ready to deliver my stuff till the last day.. I had made endless phone calls, numerous requests but all in vain.. I would never ever recommend their name to anyone again. On top of it, they were the most rude and absolutely unprofessional people with no basic etiquettes on how to even talk to a lady..

I am still trying to figure out how to get the internet connection set up since most of them seem to have run out of available connections.. I dont have the cable TV connection, which I am ok with. Dont even watch TV as such.. The house is nice and huge but the society has its own weird rules. No bachelors allowed in the society. The parents cannot be away for a long time. I wanted to ask: What if a bachelor buys a house in that society.. There is no logic behind their rule.. The marathi maids have their own tantrums. Nobody wants to come twice in a day to do the dishes. The price that they ask is horrendous. But I still feel that I took the right decision to move on. I can already see some good things on their way. I guess I expected no issues while shifting, while they exist everywhere.. I am still settling in and hope things get better after some time.