Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why do girls wear western outfits?

A random conversation with a colleague over lunch table.

Colleague : Why do girls wear jeans?
Me : Why? Whats wrong?
Colleague : Girls should not wear western clothes.
Me : But why?
Colleague : Girls look good only in Indian attires. See the girl sitting on our next table. How elegant is she looking.
Me : What has elegance got to do with Indian or Western attire?
Colleague : Girls dont know what looks good on them. Only Indian clothes look good on them.
Me: All foreigners wear western outfits. That does not mean they dont look good. Its not about Indian/Western outfits, but how you carry yourself in those outfits, make a difference.
Colleague : But those fat girls wear such tight jeans and tight tops. They look horrible.
Me : Why are you so concerned. What if they wear skin tight suits. What difference will it make? Why do you Indian Males act like typical chauvinist pigs. Just like a typical MCP. Grow up and act like a mature man.
Colleague : **Keeps quiet** Changes the topic **


Titaxy said...

It's good that you asked him to 'act like a mature man'. Bravo! These people need someone asking them to shut up.

ani_aset said...

good answer :)

Kristine Maitland said...

Your colleague (and this is not just an Indian male thing as males from all over are guilty of the same chauvinism) is correct on one thing. Girls don't know what look good on them... mainly because they dress for men, and in what they thing men would like to see them in. Or they dress as a means to rebel against what men would like to see them in.

Unfortunately so many of us (men and women) lack style because we don't dress for ourselves.

Soulmate said...

@Kristine - Can you please explain why would girls dress 'mainly' for men.. We dress up for ourselves, not for others..

Jennifer said...

I agree with Soulmate - girls do not dress mainly for men, but for ourselves!

Also, Soulmate, good for you for standing up to that chauvinist. :-)

Kristine Maitland said...

Actually I would take it one step further and say that we women tend to dress to attract attention from others, male and/or female (or both, as orientation should be taken into account here - ).

I would love to think that we women dress for ourselves but given what I see on the streets and in the schools (I'm around teenage girls all day) I can only deduce that my original argument stands. Besides do we really dress for ourselves when we go to work, to our house of worship, to our parents for dinner?

Having said that, I should point out that fashion is largely dictated by a bunch of skinny women and skinny gay men of haute couture who have half naked coat racks walk on the runway every year. The average Western woman can't/ shouldn't wear that stuff, or the version of it that ends up at Target.

Soulmate said...

I am not talking about fashion here. Its about freedom to wear what one wants to.. and YES, we girls dress up for ourselves..