Monday, June 14, 2010

As I move on..

Its my turn now to say Good-Bye.. Today is my last day in this office. I have mixed feelings. I remember my first day.. How excited I was to come here and be back to North India, close to my home.. But as the days/weeks/years progressed, I felt I am not doing all that I wanted to do.

I learnt a lot of things but I lost as well. I realized how most of the people here are self-centered. They would not share anything with you. I had strive on my own to make my way. So many times I felt good about getting things done in the right way. So many times I felt bad when things did not work out. And many times I felt bad, when there was not even a single Thank You from anyone.

I realized how diplomacy and playing politics help people grow. But I never wanted to be a part of it and I shall not be. Its just not my cup of tea. I had lunch with almost the same set of people whom I met on the first day, though we were all in different units. In the past few months, I did manage to make a couple of good friends. People whom I can actually call friends for life.. I am surely going to miss them.

I had some of the most challenging clients and they kept me on my toes which I enjoyed. I still remember when one of the manager from US visited us and she asked me about my clients. Her first reaction was : You have some of the most demanding/challenging clients. How do you manage!.. Well.. thats it. If they were with me, I had to.. I made sure I did the best that I could. But I guess I reached a saturation point where I realized that now there needs to be a change. I could not see anything beyond from here.

Not only I am leaving this job, but this city as well. I was never happy staying in NCR. Sometimes I feel as if I am running away from everything/everyone. But now I have a few things in my mind which I am going to focus on, once I am settled in the new place.. All the best to me.. :-)

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why do girls wear western outfits?

A random conversation with a colleague over lunch table.

Colleague : Why do girls wear jeans?
Me : Why? Whats wrong?
Colleague : Girls should not wear western clothes.
Me : But why?
Colleague : Girls look good only in Indian attires. See the girl sitting on our next table. How elegant is she looking.
Me : What has elegance got to do with Indian or Western attire?
Colleague : Girls dont know what looks good on them. Only Indian clothes look good on them.
Me: All foreigners wear western outfits. That does not mean they dont look good. Its not about Indian/Western outfits, but how you carry yourself in those outfits, make a difference.
Colleague : But those fat girls wear such tight jeans and tight tops. They look horrible.
Me : Why are you so concerned. What if they wear skin tight suits. What difference will it make? Why do you Indian Males act like typical chauvinist pigs. Just like a typical MCP. Grow up and act like a mature man.
Colleague : **Keeps quiet** Changes the topic **