Monday, May 31, 2010

Official (de)Attachment

Its a mass exodus here, sort of.. Everyone seems to be leaving their current job and moving on. While it is difficult for all of us to adjust to it and make shifts with the work, it challenges us in a different way and makes us think.. With all this mayhem around me, even I have decided to leave. Yes, I am moving on. I am leaving this city, this job, this place, people here..

My leaving has brought an unexpected reaction from everyone. The first thing everyone remembered was: 'O God! not her'. But this is how it is. Right from Project Manager to Group Manager to Business Group Manager to people onshore, none of them is happy. While I understand their state of shock and disbelief, I am happy with my decision. I contemplated for a long time before deciding upon it.

Strange enough, when I resigned, there was no news among the other people. In our organizations, such news spreads like a fire. Atleast a rumour starts floating - that person has resigned and there is a speculation around it. When I told people, they were all caught by surprise. The news was not disclosed to my team for quite sometime, because of the reason that we were still working out the transition plan and the person who would take over from me.

Couple of days back we decided to break the news to the team. We all were sure that everyone would know about it and they would take it in their stride. To my surprise, not a single person knew about it. Infact one of my team members started crying. She could not take the fact that I shall no longer be available. I guess its because of the fact that she has worked with me through out her 3.5 years of tenure here. It took me a while to console her and assure her that everything will be fine. I was touched that someone in my team likes me so much that they were in tears. I thought it would be the other way round. Not only she, another person also came and told me that she is not happy with my leaving. She said that she really felt at ease, discussing all her problems with me. She said that she knew who to turn to, whenever there is a need for a person to hear them out. They knew that they could call me anyday anytime without thinking twice, even if it is on a weekend or in the middle of the night.

While I never liked NCR, but yes, working here as enriched me as a person. It has given me a lot of confidence and ability to handle people. It has given me the love of many team members and I am truly blessed to have worked with such wonderful people here. Another couple of weeks here and then I am off to a new city, new place, with new people starting a new life.. I look forward to it. Hope it turns out to be good.. :-)


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in your future endeavors.

D said...

There's a mass exodus in my office as well... Looks like it's that time of the year! But hey, you enjoy your new job. Best of luck!

ani_aset said...

god same in my office too. But that was really touching of your colleague :)