Friday, May 21, 2010


Random conversation between two girls on their way to office.

Girl 1 : I am going to complain about this bus driver. Why cant he keep a pen for us to sign the roster.
Girl 2 : But why would he keep a pen for you. You can carry a pen yourself.
Girl 1 : Why should I carry a pen? The bus driver is supposed to carry a pen for us.
Girl 2 : We all are working as professionals and we should be carrying a pen in our bags, rather than expecting the driver to carry it for us.
Girl 1 : Why are you supporting the driver? He doesn’t wait for you when you are late.
Girl 2 : I am not supporting the driver. I am just stating the practical stuff. We carry 100 other things in our bag, so why not a pen which is more important while going to office.
Girl 1 : Its just a 10 Rs pen. Cant the driver afford it. Infact our company gives the pen to everyone.
Girl 2 : Right. So why cant you carry a pen in your bag.
Girl 1 : Why should I carry a pen. I have other important stuff to remember than just to carry a pen in my bag. I will not and I am going to complain about this driver.
Girl 2 : Just think about it .(So much of attitude this girl has. No point in talking to her. Keeps quiet)

What do you think of this conversation?

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Tigress said...

That some girls are sooo vain!!
Hi :)... Dropped by via chandni's space.