Friday, April 16, 2010

Panic Struck

Coming back after 4 long weeks with such a post!!! Whenever I have to lock the house, its my habit to lock the wooden door and then the grill, which has a net. The wooden door has an inbuilt lock, while we use an external lock on the grill. A week back I locked the house as usual and went to office late in the morning. It was a little windy that day. The day was super busy with back to back meetings and no time to even check the mails, leave alone to attend the phone calls. While having lunch that day, I spoke to Mom about something. So far so good.. While we were having our meeting cum training session, Mom called me again but obviously I couldnt take her call. We have this understanding that if I dont receive a call, it means I am in a meeting. Still if it is something urgent, Mom sends a message. After sometime, we were in the middle of some crucial discussion that I got a call from my neighbour. It startled me. Because its not normal that my neighbour would call me. First I thought not to take the call. But somehow my sixth sense provoked me to take it. I excused myself from the meeting to speak to her. Guess what she had to tell me.

My house was open!! I started shaking that very moment. Hearing so many robbery cases day in and out left me scared. I couldnt utter a word. She said the though the grill is locked, but the wooden door is open and one can see inside the house. I kept on telling her that I locked the house before coming. It cannot be possible that I dont lock both the doors. Even if I go just to buy milk/vegetables/grocery in our society itself, I always lock both the doors. She assured that though nothing seems fishy and she is there to help me. I just couldnt bring myself to normal state. I told her that I am coming. I was almost in tears. All bad thoughts came to my mind in a flash. I excused myself from the training and came home rushing with one of my team member.

All through the way, I kept telling myself 'how can it happen. I locked the door in the morning. How come it is open. It has never been left open like this. How can I be so stupid. What if there was someone inside. Should I go to police station first. What should I go?' The moment I reached home, I called my neighbour and we went inside the house. There was no one. Everything was intact, right in its place. I checked how did the door open. Apparently, when I pulled the wooden door from outside, it didnt lock properly and I had simply keyed in. Since it was a windy day, the wooden door opened while the grill was still locked. I heaved a sigh of relief and thanked God a million times. For a moment, I had lost my balance and was about to break down. Clearly it is not a good sign. I need to be brave enough. But that was a lesson learnt. Now I double check both the doors before leaving. Dont want such a situation arising again ever..