Saturday, March 20, 2010

Permanent Commissioning of Women in Armed Forces

Just when we were still celebrating the passing of women's reservation bill in parliament, came another one.. Women officers can be permanently commissioned in armed forces.. My love for armed forces is no secret.. And now when this news has come up, it has brought a lot of joy to my heart.. Women are still not part of combat forces atleast in India but this is a small step in that direction.. Yes there are reasons given behind it - women are emotionally, physically weaker, they can be sexually assaulted, taken advantage of.. But some of these problems exist with men as well... Still I am not complaining about it right now.. I am happy because government has atleast thought of the contribution made by women officers. They are no less then men and at times perform better than them.. We all know that there is a shortage of officers. I always used to wonder why cant women be allowed permanent commissioning... It will encourage more women to join armed officers plus it will boost the morale of existing women officers..

When I heard this news, I wanted to scream with joy and dance all around. I know I am not a part of the forces, but yes I want to be. I did not write about the women's reservation bill but I am writing about armed forces.. Not that I do not support the bill but armed forces are extremely close to my heart. Many of my friends are amazed, surprised at my knowledge on armed forces.. They wonder from where do I get so much information. Its simple - internet, TV, newspaper, magazines, people - the sources are many, if we are actually interested.. Even now I have this dream of being a part of armed forces.. I know I cant be an officer now.. But with the permanent commissioning of women officers, the day would not be far away when we will see a woman as Chief of these forces.. I think that will be feather in the hat and I shall wait for that day eagerly.. :-) Three cheers to woman power and to our armed forces...

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Anonymous said...

Haha! Glad to see it brought SO much joy to someone's life!