Saturday, March 20, 2010

Permanent Commissioning of Women in Armed Forces

Just when we were still celebrating the passing of women's reservation bill in parliament, came another one.. Women officers can be permanently commissioned in armed forces.. My love for armed forces is no secret.. And now when this news has come up, it has brought a lot of joy to my heart.. Women are still not part of combat forces atleast in India but this is a small step in that direction.. Yes there are reasons given behind it - women are emotionally, physically weaker, they can be sexually assaulted, taken advantage of.. But some of these problems exist with men as well... Still I am not complaining about it right now.. I am happy because government has atleast thought of the contribution made by women officers. They are no less then men and at times perform better than them.. We all know that there is a shortage of officers. I always used to wonder why cant women be allowed permanent commissioning... It will encourage more women to join armed officers plus it will boost the morale of existing women officers..

When I heard this news, I wanted to scream with joy and dance all around. I know I am not a part of the forces, but yes I want to be. I did not write about the women's reservation bill but I am writing about armed forces.. Not that I do not support the bill but armed forces are extremely close to my heart. Many of my friends are amazed, surprised at my knowledge on armed forces.. They wonder from where do I get so much information. Its simple - internet, TV, newspaper, magazines, people - the sources are many, if we are actually interested.. Even now I have this dream of being a part of armed forces.. I know I cant be an officer now.. But with the permanent commissioning of women officers, the day would not be far away when we will see a woman as Chief of these forces.. I think that will be feather in the hat and I shall wait for that day eagerly.. :-) Three cheers to woman power and to our armed forces...

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Birthday Pet

Today is your 13th birthday. How I wish you were with me today. I would have showered all my love on you. We could have spent the day together. Your treat would have been to play in the garden all day along, eat bread and milk and a nice bath in the sun. You would have been allowed to have a biscuit or two as well.. Nobody would have said anything to you. I would have thrown a party for you like always. You would have looked the best just like always.. The darling of all, the most adorable one, the most lovable one, the most beautiful one..

I still remember your drooling eyes which had only love for me. I still remember how you wanted to play with me, first thing in the morning. If I ever missed that, you would be angry with me whole day. How you loved to sit in the winter sun with me under my chair. How you loved to eat oranges with me. Infact you loved to eat all the fruits. How you sat outside the kitchen staring at Mom when you were hungry. How you used to get angry with Mom, when she scolded anyone of us.. I remember you always wanted warm roti. You never liked cold chapatis. Milk was always your favourite. I remember when I didnt want to have milk, I used to give it you and you loved it. You gave me unconditional love, no matter what. Whenever I came from outside, how you used to love me.. You loved running with me around the house, in the garden.. Whenever I watered the plants, how you used to hide in those plants or play with mud..

Even after playing you knew how to clean yourself.. Infact you were always clean.. You were scared to go in the car.. You preferred to walk rather than go on a drive.. You never liked closed spaces.. In summers you would sit next to Nanaji's chair under the fan.. That was your favourite place.. You always slept upside down.. That was your favourite posture.. You loved it when I brushed your coat... Whosoever came to the house, you greeted everyone with love.. May be thats the reason why you were everyone's darling.. Nobody could hold himself back from falling in love with you.. You were my little angel who was always there to listen to me when I wanted someone to just listen to me.. I miss you.. Happy Birthday Snoopy.. Love you a lot..

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Blog World

Sometimes I wonder why do I write here. What does this blog gives me that I devote so much of my time to it. The answer is whenever I am in need to find someone who can listen to me, without being judgmental I find my blog. Writing here gives me peace. Its a place where I can give a vent to my feelings and I shall be heard patiently.

When I started writing here, I had no clue why. Its just that I wanted to write. I used to write diary at one point of time but gave away with it. Initially, I hardly read any blogs.. Even if I did, I did not comment on anyone's post, lest they dont like it. Even if I did, I did not leave my blog's link behind. I had no reason for it, but its just that I did not leave the link to my blog. Slowly when reading/writing became more frequent, I left the link to my blog. May be I did not want others to know about my blog. But then I realized that I write for myself and not anyone else. How does it make a difference as to what people think of my blog/my writing. I write about my life, my feelings, my emotions, my travels, my experiences. It has got nothing to do with anyone.

What I realized later was, people in the internet world are quite receptive. Yes, I did receive some odd/unethical/rude comments which forced me to put the comment moderation 'on'. At the same time, I found a lot of people who could relate to or atleast understand what I am saying. I did not expect anything from them still I felt the support from them. Some people have written such beautiful, comforting words without even knowing me that I am filled with gratitude. Its a kind of unseen friendship and I like it. I am sure I am not going to meet these people ever in my life. Still their comforting words are good to read. Sometimes they act like a balm on my bruises and it gives me relief.

Tomorrow it may happen that no one will understand me on this forum as well, still it will be fine with me. I shall still write for myself.. Still write what I feel. I dont care what others think of me when I write about my feelings, emotions, experiences. After all this is my space and I have the right to use it the way I want to.

Monday, March 01, 2010


Loneliness is creeping all over me. Its growing like weeds grow in a land left unattended. It laughs at me. I have no clue how to get it out of my life. It has a scary face and it succeeds in scaring me. Everytime I try to find a friend, it stands in front of me to tell me that it will not leave me ever. It has decided to stick to me. It is growing like a virus and refuses to go. I find no cure for it. It is growing in such a way that I am losing interest in everything. I try to develop my interest in life or whatever I do, but eventually it fades away. I losing my balance of mind. I have not played guitar for past many weeks. I have not even gone to the class as well. I have stopped reading. Even my work life is affected. I dont feel like working. The list of to-do things at work place is increasing day by day. I dont feel like eating. I have not even planned my holiday trip for this year and this comes as a surprise to myself. Infact I dont even feel like going on a holiday. I have stopped taking pictures. At one point, I had almost decided on buying a D-SLR but eventually I dropped the idea. I have build a wall around myself. I dont even feel like talking to anyone. I know if I try, all I get is excuses from others. Today I did not wish anyone except Mam.. I only get tears in my eyes when I see people around me.. The feeling is of being lonely in a crowd and its getting worse day by day..