Sunday, February 28, 2010

Lonely Holi

Holi day is about to dawn in less than twelve hours from now.. But I have no joy in my heart.. This is another lonely Holi for me.. Not that I am too enthusiastic about this festival but being absolutely alone on a festival sometimes takes on your mental peace... It seems the colors make a mockery of me.. I see no colors anywhere.. I have not even bought any color.. The customary gulal, Mom used to ask me to buy has also not been bought. I only bought a couple of gujiyas, but cant have them since again my stomach is upset.. Sometimes I wonder why do these festivals come.. It makes me feel even more lonely and depressed.. When I see people around me happy and enjoying with their friends, family I get only tears in my eyes.. Nobody visits me. I know no one.. I dont go anywhere.. I tried going to our society park once, in the hope that I will meet people there and have some fun.. I came back as clean as I went.. Not a single shade of color on me.. I have nothing to do tomorrow. Its just a holiday for me. The guitar class is also not there, otherwise I would have spent some time there.. Now the only thing on my mind is, I shall practice guitar at home.. If my stomach is better, then I shall have a bite of gujiya otherwise it shall be distributed..

On a side note, the pain has subsided.. It occurs sometimes but the frequency is less and the degree as well. I have not seen the doctor yet.. I guess there is nothing to worry about..


Anonymous said...

Its really sad to be alone on Holi... specially when there was a time that you enjoyed the vibrance. But, life is cruel, it devoids us of the very essence which can make us happy.

Anyways, Wishing you a very Happy Holi! May the coming time paint your life with colors as beautiful as your dreams.

~ Another wandering loner!

ani_aset said...

take my advice..join a dance class..i dunno your location or i could have surely helped. If you join latin ballroom dancing it sure will help you trust me. I have been through something similar and have found some real good lifelong friends in my dance class.

comfortablynam said...

I am with ani_asset..join a group activity class..that way you get to meet some people and will make some friends..You will also get a way to get out of the house..

PS: I would still say..please go to a doctor..

unsungpsalm said...

Oh, don't think you're not celebrating Holi because you're alone.
I was with ample people around me for the past 4 years, and haven't celebrated Holi even once. And lots of others haven't. In recent years, enthusiasm's kind of reduced significantly.

But yes, a dance class would be great. Ballroom is good, otherwise Jazz is awesome. Tons of people to meet!