Friday, January 29, 2010

Milky Way

I love milk. Do I sound like a kitten or a small pet who loves drinking milk.. I am like that.. Milk is a staple part of my diet. Every morning, without fail, I have to drink a big mug full of milk. I can do away without having breakfast or eating anything throughout the day, but milk is a must. But at the same time, I can drink milk only in the morning. I cant have milk in the night even it is to save my life.

There is a list of specifications that come with it though.. First one is the taste of the milk. I dont drink any milk that is available. It should not smell at all. There is a specific taste of milk that I like, otherwise I cant drink it. I dont drink milk of any brand available. There are just a few brands that I can consume. Then there is a differentiation between cow milk and buffalo milk. Next is the specification with regard to the texture: full cream, toned or double toned.. Wait, there is more to add. I dont put anything in the milk, not even sugar.. Its plain simple milk... Occasionally I may drink cold coffee but then its cold coffee only. I am not a hot coffee person.. Now the last thing about my requirement. I dont like hot milk. It has to be cold milk. Even in winters, I dont drink hot milk. The maximum that I do is, make it luke warm. Now how can I forget such an important thing about milk.. There should be no foreign article in the milk, which means there cannot be any cream.. I pass the milk through the sieve atleast twice, to make sure there are not even traces of cream present in it. One look at cream and I cant have that milk.

That looks to be a big list of the kind of milk that I drink. Having said that, whenever I am on a trip to a new place, I miss milk. Many a times I dont get milk in the morning and it becomes difficult for me eat anything else then. During my recent trip to Rajasthan, we didnt get any milk while we were in Jaisalmer. The first thing that I had, when I reached the station was grab a bottle of Amul Cool Milk. Only I know how satisfied I was after having that. There were other brands available but I didnt want to take any chances with the taste. Once we were in Jodhpur, I had a big glass of milk everyday in the breakfast. I loved it..

So now you can see how much I love milk. Even my relatives know that I drink milk everyday in the morning, even though I may skip breakfast. Do I sound crazy? Its ok.. A person who loves milk is not very easy to find, I guess. I am yet to meet one.


D said...

I, on the other hand, cannot stand milk in its white form. In fact, I have very few milk beverages - no tea or coffee for me, only milk shakes and cold coffee. I do not even eat kheer or any other dessert in which milk remains white milk, if you know what I mean!

BMaid said...

Oh ! you so cute drink milk in everyday

roop said...

lol now you've met one! i love milk toooo! i used to take a carton of milk to work and leave it in the fridge to drink it during every break! haha all my colleagues ridiculed me for it. but then dear doc told me that milk is really not the greatest for me. since then, i stopped struggling to survive on rice milk. didn't work. so i came back on milk ... this time, lactose free. it's great for stomach but i crave for the actual milk taste. aaah milk. i so hear ya mate. i love milk too! :)

Pilot-Pooja said...

Too many restrictions i see Your Mom must be having a tough time meeting all of them in ur childhood!

ani_aset said...

yayyy i found another milky mate :P..i sooo loooove ma dooodh :D