Monday, January 04, 2010

Dhan Ta Nan!!!

Its time to rub our hands in glee
We have something for you, dear MTBs
Little baby’s on the way,
Getting bigger every day,
Two tiny feet that will wave in the air
Two tiny hands that will tug at your hair
But before that there is some work for you.
The best we can do, is give you a clue!

Voicing this clue is pretty asaan -
Go looking for a blogger who’s a fitness fan,
Mother of four and a stylish woman.
Also, let me add, she belongs to the money-saver clan.
Good work there, you are one step closer
Take a bow and move on to the next composer.


Parul said...

I agree, this one is pretty asaan! Sraikh, right?

Anonymous said...

Hey Girl, your's was the easiest of the clues..and here's a * muah * kiss for you just for that :D

Enjoying this fun ride..and almost getting there ( I hope)

Have covered 15 links so far…and looped back to Chandu's. Am told there’s more to go and am kinda stuck ..but, will try some more :)

Thanks So MUCH for making it this special for all us MTB's :)

D said...

Yay! We did it :)

Swaram said...

Am I the first one here :P
Awesome initiative :) Luving it :)

Swaram said...

Sheesh! Just realized comment moderation is on .. off to the next one :P

Devaki said...

Hi Snow Soulmate! Sorry I am late!!!
Just wanted to say thank you for this lovely lovely surprise. To think that so many of you who hardly know me took the time to read my blog and come up with such a fun theme! It's beautiful and very very touching! A big thanks and a hug from me and lots of hugs and kisses from my baby!!!

I will be back soon to