Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have I become a Chef

I have started cooking on a regular basis since quite sometime. Whatever be the reason, but I have started it. I used to wonder what kind of cook will I turn out to be.. I had not done regular cooking before. But once I started it and that also alone, I realized that I have it in me. I know what spices to put in what vegetables, how to make the vegetables taste different and nice.

As a child, I used to run away from the kitchen. I never liked the idea of cooking, but I was always up for eating good food.. Even when my mom tried to teach me a thing or two about cooking, I never took any interest. Even she never forced, may be thinking that eventually I will learn or it was not so important at that point of time.

Now when I started cooking occasionally when Mom was not around, I never had any difficulty. I could cook easily. There were so many things I learnt from Mom unknowingly. Finely chopped vegetables, almost zero oil/ghee, soft parathas/roti and thin as well, retaining the original color of the vegetables. Each and every dish that I cook look as beautiful, delicious and delectable as Mom's; not to forget, they even taste the same. Be it simple matar paneer, cakes, puddings, corn-paneer korma, gatte ki sabzi, methi malai matar, poha, upma, stuffed parathas of different varieties... You name it and I know it.. I remember as a teenager sometimes I used to make plain rice. My Nanaji could easily figure out, that it was me who cooked the rice. He always said that I make the perfect rice. Each and every grain is soft and separated.

When Mom came back from Mumbai a few months back, the lunch was already ready.. She couldnt help but praise, how tasty the food is.. I felt so nice, especially since it came from Mom, who is known to have really high standard in cooking. She does not passes anyone so easily in their cooking.. But now I knew that if Mom is saying then it must be really good.. Even my colleagues at the lunch table, cant figure who prepared my lunch box... Mom's and my vegetables look the same.. :-) I feel so nice about it. Mom is one of the best cooks, I have ever come across.. I am saying this, not just because everyone says about their Mom, but because its the truth and accepted by whosoever has eaten food cooked by her.. So when I see traces of her cooking skills present in me, I can only feel on top of the world... A pat on my back!!!


BlueMist said...

nice :)

shuunya said...

You should share recipes then :-)

D said...

When I tell my Mom something I tried in the kitched turned out well, she has a logic for it: since you've eaten good food all your life, how can you not cook well? Makes sense to me!

ani_aset said...

oye hoye i know who to turn to for tips :D