Friday, November 20, 2009

Performance vs. Progression

As far as I remember, I have written on this controversial topic before as well. Why I am writing again on the same subject is a different story.

As always the team members are eager to know about their progressions/promotions. More than them, its me who is eager to know who all shall be promoted. Its not just their succession, but mine as well in a different way. While we do have the reasons when the team members are not promoted, there are times when we dont. How do we explain that when there are just 2 vacancies and we have almost 10 eligible candidates, that it becomes really difficult to pick and choose those 2 candidates. This happens everywhere. One or the other candidate will have that 0.1 point extra than the other which makes him win the next position.

But at the end of the day, its the manager who feels bad. Somewhere down the line, its an achievement for the manager when his team progresses. The point that I am trying to list down here is, whenever a team member of mine is not progressed, then its me who is more affected than them. Somehow I feel that I failed somewhere thats why they did not progress. At times, I feel helpless as well. Like the situation I mentioned above. Its difficult to make them understand that they may not be less than others, but there are decisions taken, which are not even in our hands.

Also we all know that not everyone becomes a CEO of a company. A lot depends on the kind of work a person does, but yes, luck plays a significant role in our lives. Sometimes I see myself in the same situation few years ago. There were times when I deserved the promotion, even the client sent the recommendation but due to 'Organization and Business Decisions', it was not done. At that time, even I used to feel bad. It is a circle, which makes you feel bad whether you are a manager or a team member. I wish there was an easy way out, somewhere, somehow.... Is there?


Anonymous said...

well I blv you can do smoething.. instead of just setting expectations to ur employees, try to argue with higher management as well. you are there to manage things and not to just obey what higher management is saying, just to secure your job and be nice to your manager sometimes we forget that we have some other responsibilities as well.

Soulmate said...

@anon - First thing. If you really want to say something, I would appreciate a name associated with the comment. Be responsible enough yourself not to be rude while posting comments.
We know what we have to do and what we do. Sitting there and posting anonymous comments is easy than to come here and work. I am sure you dont even know what goes in from our side to promote our associates, SIR..