Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Come November

and I start getting butterflies and feeling anxious.. More than one reason to feel like this. Till sometime ago, I used to eagerly wait for this month. The season changes and it announces the onset of winter. Diwali festival. My birthday. Another year is close to coming to an end. When the sunlight does not seem harsh and we like the warmth of it.

But now things have changed. I do not like the onset of November anymore. This month makes me realize that I have grown another year older and have become more lonelier. It seems like a rant here, but thats what the space is meant for. Its my space. This month also tells me that another year has passed in my current job. Why dont I feel happy here? Happiness may be a state of mind but your mind needs to be in place for it.. Isnt it.. I feel miserable now, when November comes. Dont want it to come anymore. I want it to remove from the calendar completely. An insane wish to ask for!! Let it be..

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D said...

I know how that feels - I feel like that at the beginning of every month now, but especially April which is my birthday month.

Don't know if your birthday is in past or the future, but Happy Birthday!