Friday, October 30, 2009

Gone forever

My favourite umpire of all times - David Shepherd is no more. The moment I read this news yesterday, tears welled up in my eyes.. He succumbed to cancer at the age of 68 years. :-(

I have grown up watching him on the cricket field. There are matches which I have watched only because he was the umpire. It was fun to watch cricket only because he was the umpire. He and Steve Bucknor made the best pair on the ground as umpires. I used to love watching these two together on the ground, umpiring a match. David was someone whom I just lovedand adored. His acts, expressions made him such a lovable person. Many a times he reminded me of a Santa Claus. I will still take sometime to digest that he is no more.

Rest in peace David. We love you...

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ani_aset said...

:( same here soulmate i was mighty sad when i heard this of the greatest umpires cricket has ever seen