Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lappy Tappy

Past few days have been spent on spending on myself exclusively. So while one can make out from the blog, that I have been indulging in getting things done for myself, here is another one to add.

I had waited for it so very long. Searched for it. Went and asked so many people.. I was confused, in a big dilema, whether I should go for it not. I got quite a negative response from everywhere, rather I should say that no response was lucrative enough that would make me go for it.. At some time I had made up my mind that I can do without it, but then again I wanted it badly. Started my search all over again and with full enthusiasm. I didnt want a disappointment this time.

I thoroughly searched and did my homework. Found out each and every detail and then made the comparisons. Finally I decided that I have to go for it. So, finally I asked for it and waited anxiously for it. Had umpteen conversation with the middle man, just to make sure that I am getting the best deal, something that I shall enjoy having with me for sometime atleast.. So Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is.. My first laptop - Dell Inspiron.. Navy blue color..

I fell in love with it, they moment it arrived. This is the best I could get with the constraints that I had regarding my budget, specifications, requirements, wants.. I like it and hopefully, this should help me to blog more often.

Have a look at it..

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