Monday, September 21, 2009

Hum Sab Kaminey...

A random conversation happened with a friend after a very long time. The only reason for being out of touch was, he was in an area where the mobiles didnt work. So the moment he reached a place, where the signals were good enough to have conversation, we chatted. And what a conversation it was. An excerpt from it.

Friend : Hey, how have you been?
Me : Good good.. You tell me.. You have been missing all this while. What all is happening.
Friend : You know, I will not have any great story to share. I was simply exploring the mountains and jungles. Somehow I am alive and surviving.
Me : Hmm.. I know.. Your job is such. Sometimes it gets tough. I was wondering here where you have been.
Friend : Still you like my job!!!
Me : Yes I do.. Thats one of my passion and you know that.
Friend : But then why do you speak so much against all of us most of the times.
Me : Because the kind of act that you all do. Spoil the reputation of this esteemed organization.
Friend : C’mon. Not everyone is like that.
Me : Alright, lets see. When are you introducing me to one of your friend? Let me see how he turns out.
Friend : No no.. You are a very nice girl. Yahan sab saale kaminey hain.
: To hum kaun sa seedhe hain. Hamari arzoo bhi to kamini hai..
(I am not translating this into English, just to make sure that the fun part remains).
Friend : !!!!!!!!

He loved it and then he decided that he is going to use this line at some time...

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