Monday, September 21, 2009

Hum Sab Kaminey...

A random conversation happened with a friend after a very long time. The only reason for being out of touch was, he was in an area where the mobiles didnt work. So the moment he reached a place, where the signals were good enough to have conversation, we chatted. And what a conversation it was. An excerpt from it.

Friend : Hey, how have you been?
Me : Good good.. You tell me.. You have been missing all this while. What all is happening.
Friend : You know, I will not have any great story to share. I was simply exploring the mountains and jungles. Somehow I am alive and surviving.
Me : Hmm.. I know.. Your job is such. Sometimes it gets tough. I was wondering here where you have been.
Friend : Still you like my job!!!
Me : Yes I do.. Thats one of my passion and you know that.
Friend : But then why do you speak so much against all of us most of the times.
Me : Because the kind of act that you all do. Spoil the reputation of this esteemed organization.
Friend : C’mon. Not everyone is like that.
Me : Alright, lets see. When are you introducing me to one of your friend? Let me see how he turns out.
Friend : No no.. You are a very nice girl. Yahan sab saale kaminey hain.
: To hum kaun sa seedhe hain. Hamari arzoo bhi to kamini hai..
(I am not translating this into English, just to make sure that the fun part remains).
Friend : !!!!!!!!

He loved it and then he decided that he is going to use this line at some time...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lappy Tappy

Past few days have been spent on spending on myself exclusively. So while one can make out from the blog, that I have been indulging in getting things done for myself, here is another one to add.

I had waited for it so very long. Searched for it. Went and asked so many people.. I was confused, in a big dilema, whether I should go for it not. I got quite a negative response from everywhere, rather I should say that no response was lucrative enough that would make me go for it.. At some time I had made up my mind that I can do without it, but then again I wanted it badly. Started my search all over again and with full enthusiasm. I didnt want a disappointment this time.

I thoroughly searched and did my homework. Found out each and every detail and then made the comparisons. Finally I decided that I have to go for it. So, finally I asked for it and waited anxiously for it. Had umpteen conversation with the middle man, just to make sure that I am getting the best deal, something that I shall enjoy having with me for sometime atleast.. So Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is.. My first laptop - Dell Inspiron.. Navy blue color..

I fell in love with it, they moment it arrived. This is the best I could get with the constraints that I had regarding my budget, specifications, requirements, wants.. I like it and hopefully, this should help me to blog more often.

Have a look at it..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Socially Networking

A few days back, after a discussion which resulted into an argument with the Boss, left me upset. The discussion was obviously related to work where in there are no issues and thats what her issue was.. Weird, it can get sometimes...

Anyways, the discussion/argument got over.. I cribbed for the rest of the day. First thing, when I reached home, was to open one of the social networking sites and put up the status, which clearly mentioned that I had a bad day due to an argument with the boss and how I hate the managers... This was my way of giving vent to my anger and pleasing myself…

Well, the status did create a few sparks.. I got a message from one of my dearest cousin, saying that I should not put such message as my status, lest it is read by people and mis-understood. It can prove dangerous. While, I dont deny his point, the sole reason for putting the message, was to release my feelings which I could not tell anyone. And yeah, the way we all use these sites, anyone can easily track our daily routine and follow our lives…

Sometimes, I do feel the danger around it.. The question is, is it worth taking the risk – the risk could be bigger than what I have put here.. Putting your professional and personal life at stake, we sometimes get so hooked to these sites. While I am not as regular as other people who update it almost every or couple of hours about their status, but yes, I do try to update it once in a day or once in two days… Still, it generates a lot of curiosity among the friends and others who are able to see the profile. I remember, once I had put the status as: ‘Looking forward to a new life, new beginning’ and everyone thought that I am getting married, much to my amusement…

Such is the influence of these sites. Being open to the whole world and letting them sneak into our thoughts, feelings, updates, statuses.. But I guess, thats the price we all pay, if we are so 'social'... Isnt it..

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Me - The Guitarist

So I have been away for a while (again).. I do wish to post regularly since its my blog and I want to and its close to my heart, but!!!

Anyway, the big good thing that happened in the last few days is that I have started learning guitar.. Yes, something about which I blogged a while ago.. Finally, the classes have started and I am loving every bit of it. I bought the new guitar as well. Yamaha C40 to start with.. Its a classical guitar which means it has nylon strings... I love my guitar and the classes are even better.. I am still getting used to the strings, frets, fingers, notes, tabs...

I was given a choice whether I simply want to learn the songs or go the real way of learning music by getting to know about the tabs, notes and then songs.. I chose the second one.. Unless I understand the notes, whats the point of learning just the songs.. But yes, it requires a lot of practice.. My hand is good with the use of fingers, but I still need to get used to plectrum or the pick... My left hand aches since you have press the correct fret and then play the string with the right hand.. A lot of co-ordination and patience is needed.. I am quite slow when I play it but I am happy that atleast I have started what I really wanted to do...

I have always been in awe of people who can play some musical instrument specially guitar.. My teacher has told me not to leave the classes in between which generally happens with most of the students, since they are not able to cope with the patience needed to learn it.. I have started recognising the notes, for how long the note should sustain, when I am supposed to give a rest, half a note and a quarter note.. Wow.. This post is full of guitar lingo which only people familiar with the instrument would understand..

In the interest of the time and keeping in mind my super busy schdule, I have taken up weekend classes. This also makes sure that I am regular and I can adjust the time accordingly... Also I drive down to the music school.. So I get to practice the driving as well.. So much has started happening in the last few months... I guess life is moving on fine as of now.. I hope so..