Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love, Hospitality = Feed more.

After a small hiatus, I am back.. I do try to be regular here but!!! During my last trip to Dehra Dun, I managed to sneak some time and go to Chandigarh to meet one of my cousins, who recently had a baby. I had met her family couple of times before also and I knew that they were extremely warm, hospitable and nice people to be with..

Not to sound harsh, but sometimes too much warmth and hospitality gets on your nerves. During every meal, I literally had to grab my plate and put it under the table for the fear of being asked to eat more than I could. I do understand when the hosts try to make the guests feel comfortable and yeah a little bit of force to take one extra bhatura, roti, some more vegetables or rice or curry.. But putting it forcibly on someone's plate and then expect them to eat is sometimes too much.

For a person like me, who is a small eater as well as a fast eater, the problem becomes two fold. Everytime someone checks my plate, they think that I am not eating since I am either shy or I didnt like the food. Well, I dont know how to explain the fact that I can eat very fast and there is a limit upto which I can eat. No matter how tasty the food is, I cannot over-eat even a single morsel than what my appetite is. I get very uneasy after that, upto the point of throwing up. But obviously, I cant explain this to anyone, lest people misunderstand me..

I know when someone is my guest, I do ask them to eat once, twice, thrice but I never force them to the point where I feel the person will feel uncomfortable after eating. After all, we all know how much we can eat and how much our stomach can hold. If you forcibly feed a person more than they can eat, it is no way of showing your love and hospitality. Let the guest eat and be comfortable with the amount they want to. Do ask them time and again but dont force them. There is a fine line here and sometimes we tend to ignore that.. It may seem that I am ranting against hospitality but no, I am not. I just want to put my point across to say that please dont force feed me. I shall eat the amount that I want to and to my heart's content. You force feed me, and I shall run away from you...


ani_aset said...

chole bhature :(
i just couldnt move my eyes further it just got stuck at chole bhature..

I can imagine your plight :P

D said...

I'm far more used to all the fuss over food than I used to be before marriage. Did a whole post on it once, if you remember: