Friday, July 31, 2009

Rains in Doon

So you guessed it right.. I am in my Dehra Dun... It may seem that all I have to do in my life is go to doon and then write a post on it.. But then how does it matter.. I do it since I want to.. This is the monsoon season and as per the weather of Doon goes, when it starts raining, it rains continuously for days and the temperature comes down drastically. Not that you have to wear jacket or something, but it becomes very pleasant.. Forget A/Cs, you dont even need a fan most of the times.. Such is the lovely weather of Dehra Dun...

Everything looks washed and green.. The grass is greener, the trees have dripping water, the flowers are in bloom, the mountains are misty with clouds all over them, the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds, the moment it will be bright and sunny, the next moment it will be shady and cloudy.. If it starts raining, then there are big fat rain drops.. It pours like it will wash your heart as well from all the pain and fill it with love and gratitude.. Its a wonderful feeling here.. No blocked drains, no traffic jams, no water accumulation..

The rains here bring so much of love and togetherness.. It brings the families together.. sitting in an open verandah, watching the rains, sipping coffee, reading a book or simply watching the nature's harmony.. The squirrels run here and there to find a shelter, the birds sitting on the porch, the cows getting wet, the children playing in the water.. Ever drop of rain here is a music piece in its own.. I love those light drizzles as well as heavy downpour.. And when after a heavy rain in the night, when the sun shines brightly in the sky, its even better. Then you wonder, what song the rain played the night before.. Its magical..

Sometimes it seems to me, that I can go on and on about this place, where I have had wonderful memories of the childhod spent.. The rainy days also meant a smelly dog, damp clothes, books, almirahs, fungus.. everything seems to be damp except for the spirit of the people here.. The rains here lift the mood of a person.. so if you are in low spirits, and want some good in your life, come here.. You shall experience some of the best things in life here and in turn get to start loving life all over again.. It does that to me.. My heart comes to a rest here.. My soul is at peace when I am here.. so for love, peace, relaxation, smiles, heart bouncing - come to Doon... :-)

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ani_aset said...

and you make people go green :)