Friday, June 05, 2009

Drive again

Remember how I expressed my inability and inefficiency to drive. I learnt how to drive, drove for a few days with a driver sitting next to me and then gave up.. Every time someone honked the horn on my face, I would be scared and my confidence fell to the lowest level you can think of.

Well, with the passage of time, I have realized that I have become almost immobile only due to the fact that I dont drive. This has been concerning. If I have to go somewhere or even meet friends, I am stuck. Not that I want to go driving around the whole NCR, but atleast to nearby places. This has made me strong enough to pick up the scattered threads of driving again. So yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have started driving. Initially I was scared again. But its ok. If my car stops in the middle of road because I did not put the gear properly or did not release the clutch properly or did not apply the brakes properly, its ok. It happens with everyone.

With a driver next to me, I make sure to drive on a regular basis and now I feel quite confident enough. May be in a few weeks time I shall have enough confidence to venture out alone and take the car to the near by places. It is not a rocket science and anyone can learn to drive. I need to practice and never lose that confidence. I know I am not the one who drives at a speed of more than 40 but even thats fine. Instead of 15 minutes, may be I will take 25 minutes to reach a place, but thats fine. Atleast I shall be independent. I wouldnt have to look for a 'driver' everytime I need to go somewhere.

I am not the person who is into night driving but yes it suffices for my daily needs. Over the weekends I wouldnt have to sit at home or wait for those packed buses where the crowd is only looking for an opportunity to brush against you. I still have to practice. I forget sometimes what gear the car is running on.. I sometimes get confused between that half clutch and half brake technique but I shall overcome that. I shall drive and there is nothing stopping me.. Yay!!!


coldtrip said...

strangers on the internet? cruising the 'long drives' link from my own profile ... caught my interest ... like the pix ... looked at some of writing blog ... looking for date (eventually mate), myself ... noticed your relationship entry and others not you ... clicked your drive link from this one ... curious who tells the truth ... i'm the opposite ... i love the car and don't do bicycles so well, somewhat water phobic too though i learned to swim and enjoyed that some ... p.s. my dad's mother (my paternal grandmother never drove, I think ... he always drove 'em) ... my blogs a mess, look if you'd want ...

ani_aset said...

hey that reminds me i too have to learn it :(