Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drive anywhere Park everywhere

For the past few days, we are experiencing problems with our parking space in the society. Ours is an open parking with the parking number clearly mentioned. Infact every parking area has a number allotted and one can easily read them. Everytime we take out our car, we find that someone else has parked their car happily in our parking space. It becomes difficult to track the person who has parked his car. Its a huge society and obviously there are visitors as well. The guard at the gate does asks the person where he is going to but still its a nuisance in its own. What we started doing was, park our car right behind that person's car just to let them know that they cannot park their cars at their own whims and fancies.. If they are a visitor in the society they are supposed to park at the appropriate place. At the end, all we heard was a 'Sorry' without any guilt. Some of them even had the courage to commit the same mistake again. We did not like troubling them to find the owner but it was required to let them know the basic ethics of visiting another society. And all these people claim to be respectable.

So couple of days back, like always, we took out our car. When I came back late in the evening, I found that someone has happily parked his car and also in the fashion that not only our parking was blocked, the parking next to ours was also blocked. It was around 7 in the evening. I asked the driver to wait for a few minutes so that I can find out about the owner of the car. I tried to enquire for almost 30 minutes but could not. That visitor told at the gate, that he was visiting the society office. Obviously it was a lie.. We parked our car right behind his. I am not comfortable driving but still I thought I will manage if the person comes and asks me to remove my car.

After two hours two people literally banged on our front door twice. I found two 'gentlemen' standing, probably in early sixties. They started talking at a very high pitch. They told me to remove the car so that they can take out their car. I asked them if they could see where they have parked the car. I was not in a very good mood after searching for the owner sometime back. All the person had to say was 'Sorry'. Both of them introduced themselves as a Colonel and a Brigadier respectively. Moreover the resident of the society claimed that he was his guest and he visits him very often. They play a game or two and spend sometime together. Fine. But does that give him a right to park his car anywhere? I clearly told him that it was unethical on his part to give a wrong address at the gate and also park in someone else' parking.. All he could claim was I am a retired Army officer and a senior citizen. I do respect people of all age groups and whatever profession they belong to. But he was trying to make a point that since he was a retired officer and a senior citizen, it was ok.. I was #$#@%^&^. I told him that I face this problem everyday where I have to struggle to park my own car.

The matter was sorted out after a few minutes when I told him clearly that he will have to help with parking my car since I did not have any driver. His ego was hurt. I could make out clearly that he was not very happy that he had to wait and look for the owner (the same way I did). I was thinking at the end of the day, is it our fault that our parking is an open one and yeah a convenient one. Does that mean anyone can park their car? Moreover, if you are a retired officer and a senior citizen, do you have the right to talk in a rude manner and say whatever you feel like. I always hold Army officers at a high pedestal. I have very high regards for them (quite evident from my blog).. I do expect some decency.. But now it seems I am asking for too much!!!

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