Monday, May 25, 2009

Court Martial

Last evening was wonderful. Perfect weather. Driving on the roads lined with green trees. Less traffic and the weather thought of being extra gracious on us by being actually cool in this hot month of May. It was cloudy and windy that we all loved. To top it all, I saw a play in the amphitheatre at India Habitat Centre. The play was titled 'Court Martial', written by Swadesh Deepak, directed by Arvind Gaur.

The play started with a tight grip on the subject. The actors were well prepared and not even once it was felt that they were civilians and nowhere related to the Armed Forces. The play is about the trial of an orderly Ramchandra who is accused of killing an officer and attempt to kill another one. What followed was an intense court room drama involving some poignant, humorous and touchy moments. One comes to know that even the Army is not spared from the clutches of caste barriers.

How an officer stoops to a low level where he never to fails to insult his soldier? Simply because he is not from a 'high' caste and also he managed to beat the officer in the 5000 m race. While interrogation, it was revealed that there are much larger issues at stake than just the murder. There is a question on the mere existence of humanity in general. Yes, what the culprit did was punishable, but its the society which is responsible for driving such ghastly acts. The culprit did come out as winner, at the same time even the victim was not spared. The only question raised every time was : Why did Ramchandra had to kill the officer? What was his motive? All and all a wonderfully done play, packaged equally well. No loose ends left.

My love for watching plays goes back to when I was in Class XII almost 15 years back. That was the first time I saw a play in Tata theatre in Mumbai. It was based on Agatha Chrsitie's novel - 'Tere Pyaar Mein'. Till then I had never known that watching plays can be so much fun. After that I did watch a couple of plays but they were not as interesting as I had expected. So when I got a chance to watch 'Court Martial', I could not resist. Also the fact that it was based on Armed Forces (another love of mine)...

A very well executed play.. An evening worth spent.. Justified more than an hour of travel.. If you ever get a chance, dont miss it. Go, watch it for some thrilling performances and soul-stirring thinking..

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the white phoenix said...

I so wanted to go watch that play but could not make it.:( Had seen this play being enacted so many times in college.
And Arvind Gaur's plays are really good.

Lucky you :)