Friday, April 10, 2009

Have I grown old?

Last weekend I decided to take a tour across my favorite Dilli Haat and nearby places in Delhi. Weather seemed to be ok to me. Though it was quite sunny, I thought it was bearable. We reached around noon and it had become hot. As usual, I was excited to be there. A few minutes spent looking at the shops, and I realized that my energy level is going down. Though I was fully covered to protect myself from the heat and the sun, still it became unbearable. I had some water but no respite. Mom and I had a look at the few shops and that was it. I was no more interested in walking in the sun. Finished the lunch quickly there and we headed to Lajpat Nagar market... Most of the time was spent in traveling in the car, thanks to distances and traffic..

While Mom did her shopping, all I could do was wait to get back into the car and drive back home.. We were out for just 3-4 hours and I was already exhausted beyond explanation. I was not interested in looking at anything. My body had no stamina and felt fatigued. It was as if, there was not a single drop of water inside. I have no idea what was wrong with me. On our way back, I entered into a Allen Solly showroom just to feel a bit nice with all the cool air around me... I could not stand the sun anymore. I am quite used to roaming out in the sun but this day, I just could not.

I was counting every minute when I would get back home and feel better. I was completely drained out by the time I reached home in the evening. It seemed as if I have become old that I could not even bear the April sun. It was hot but not like burning hot.. God only knows what will happen when the real summers will come and if I have to go out during that time.


:) said...

girls are allergic to sun..
becoz their skin is soft and fair..
may b same is the case with you.

Cynic in Wonderland said...

..could just be one of those day!