Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reminiscing Doon

I am back from my lovely vacation. Four days seemed very less, like always and I have already already started missing Doon.. There is something about the place which makes me want to go there all the time. This time it was a wonderful trip with things going a little easy. The weather was at its best. It was neither cold nor hot. Just the perfect to go on a vacation.

Day 1: Went to the tailor and gave a big bag full of clothes to be stitched. Almost half of the day was spent there which was worthwhile. Did a lot of designing and the outcome was worth appreciating. Once the job with the tailor was over, we headed towards the main market - Paltan Bazaar. Went to almost every other shop where I went as a child, teenager and then a growing adult. I was glad to notice that most of the people recognized me. Went to our good old bakery to get some yummy bread, biscuits and cake... Afternoon was spent lazing around..

In the evening went to meet a few school friends over a cup of coffee which made all of us nostalgic. A good amount of time was spent remembering the good old school days and whereabouts of the other friends. Its been 14 years since we are out of school but it seemed like yesterday.

Day 2: I went to the school in the morning in the hope of meeting some teachers. As the annual session had just ended, there were only a few teachers who were also busy with corrections and preparing the results. Spoke to our music teacher, whose son was our batchmate too, for almost an hour and it was good to get the news about the school and other things happening. The school has changed a lot. All the red and white buildings have gone except for the senior block, which has been declared a heritage building. Now instead of the red/white buildings, stood grey buildings which are newly constructed but are dull and boring.

Clicked a few photographs of the school and then I was on my way to meet one of the most special person. This person holds a very special place in my life, my heart and my outlook towards life. She is in the same school as I was. She never taught me but is very special to me. I met her through a friend. I started speaking to her only 6 months back and she has become so very close to me that I dont have think twice before sharing anything with her. She has stood by me in every phase, that I went through ever since I have known her. Her love for me is selfless. She has been my friend, philosopher, guide, motivator. Between us, its a heart to heart talk. I feel so fortunate to have met her. Spent the rest of the day with her talking, having lunch and then some more talks.. Everytime I bid goodbye to her, my heart sinks. I was so delighted to meet her and then I got a lovely gift from her, which was a big surprise for me. A lovely day spent with an equally lovely person. Rest of the day was spent at home with the relatives. In the evening, some more relatives came to meet us and then we all went out for dinner. Though the food was nothing great, but we all had a good time chatting and talking..

Day 3: The morning was spent in doing a few random errands. Today I was feeling very tired for no reason. I did not want to speak to anyone nor did I felt like doing anything. Had a simple good meal at home and rested for a while. During the late afternoon, went to meet one of Mom's very close friend and spent some good 2-3 hours with her and her kids. It was a good decision since it cheered me up and I could enjoy some more good weather of Doon. I had decided to eat some good chaat in the evening. My demand was fulfilled with Mama-Mami taking to a place where I had not been before. The chaat was awesome. I had not eaten such good stuff in ages. I actually over ate but I was contented. Lots of gol -gappas and tikki chat. It was divine. Came back later in the evening and slept.

Day 4: This was the last day and it seemed to be the busiest. My cousin's in-laws were coming over for lunch. Since morning everyone was busy in the preparation and arranging everything. Till the afternoon, we all were busy cooking, cleaning and arranging the house, table, cutlery. Afternoon was spent with the guests and eating some good food - all cooked at home. Evening was a quiet affair with just four of us - Mom, myself and Mama-Mami.. Spent the evening chatting, laughing and having a quiet dinner. That was the last evening I was there and I was back on Sunday..

Time flew by so quickly and I didnt even come to know. It seems as if the whole vacation was a dream. I still cant get over the childhood days that I have spent in the city. I feel so much at peace and at ease when I am there. Everytime I leave the city, there is a promise that I make - I shall come back soon..

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