Thursday, March 12, 2009


Holi came and went. As a kid, I used to love running around with my little pichkari trying to wet people and throw colors on them. I loved the idea of getting colored and coloring other people. We used to be in a group of 8-10 kids and go from one house to the other and then finally to the society club where everyone gathered to play holi and the elders used to join us. Holi was much more fun and decent at that time.

Once I reached the teenage, I started detesting the festival. Teenagers of my age started using dirty colors which refused to go off, no matter how much oil, cream you used. After the holi, I still used to look like a joker who has colored her face and never bothered to remove it. Joker may still look cute with those colors but I used to look horrible. And with it came skin problems. Rashes, acne, sore eyes and throat, dry and rough hair.. I preferred to stay at home unless someone came who really wanted to play decent holi with just gulal. Also the idea of people wanting to get physically close because its Holi, had put me off. I was happy staying at home with Mom while my brother went out to play with his friends and have fun.

This year also I had preferred to stay at home. My neighbor and my school friend who stay in the same society asked me a couple of days in advance, Where would I like to be colored - in the house or in the park. I was not very sure what to tell them. I decided to go to the park – I didn’t want to make the house dirty and I knew them very well. Also I knew people are decent enough in our society and they dont get into rowdy or uncivilized behavior. Thats what happened yesterday.

I had not played Holi since a long time and it was so much fun. Quite a few people had put color on me and that also lovingly, not forcefully. Small little kids who knew me, tried to put water on me with their cute little pichkaris. The whole society had gathered in the central park but everyone played very decently. No forcing, no dirty colors or stuff like grease, paint, eggs, muck or fast colors. I dont remember when was the last time I enjoyed Holi so much. Everybody wished everyone and made sure that they enjoy rather than spoil the mood by forcing themselves on anyone.

To add to it, the society had put some food stalls and there were a couple of games. This was the first time I played in this society despite staying here for the last three days and I can safely say that I would not mind playing Holi if it is played in such a nice and decent way. I loved this Holi and I wish it continues like this for the years to come, wherever I am... Happy Holi...

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