Monday, March 16, 2009

Doon time!!!

Yeah you guessed it right. I am off to my hometown - Dehra Dun and this time its a trip where I shall get time to spend there and not just run around. A few errands are there which is fine but since I will get 4 full days to spend there, I am on top of the world.. Going to Dehra Dun always makes me happy and kicks me out of the damp spirits and lifts me up. I guess it happens with all those who stay away from their hometowns - where they have grown up, spent their childhood, have good friends and relatives. Sometimes people around me get amazed when they see me all chirpy and jumping with joy and hopping around only because I am going to Dehra Dun.

I may sound like a crazy little child whose happiness knows no bounds simply because she is going home. As if I am in a prison or a hostel here and I am being freed for some days. But yes, it is that kind of a feeling. No matter how many or what all places I visit around the world, my heart lies in Dehra Dun. The city has given me everything that I could have asked for. It has everything one can ask for. Sometimes I envy those friends, who are staying there. What a peaceful life they are leading.

I have a whole list of to-do things besides resting and sleeping and simply spending time at home. I must visit the school and get some photographs. Meet some school teachers, school friends, few other people whom I love to meet, relatives.. Looks like I shall have some quality time to spend with not too much of running around.. I want to watch a movie as well in one of our old cinema hall.. Its a different feeling to watch a movie there unlike PVRs.. No computerized tickets, no popcorn/coke combos, no A/cs.. its just cold drinks served in those glass bottles, samosas, popcorn packets, patties and an occasional burger or sandwich.. Its nice in its own way..

Best thing would be the weather.. Not too hot.. not too cold.. Just the perfect to sit out and chit-chat... The lovely view of the hills, the greenery, the flowers, the birds, the squirrels, small lanes, one big main road, some famous bakeries, best schools of India and a very content and peaceful life - this is what sums up Dehra Dun pretty much.. I have already started counting down...

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