Friday, February 20, 2009

Tummy Problems

Offlate, my stomach is not keeping fine. No matter what I eat, it is not able to digest and it gets upset which in turn upsets me. I am not eating out. I eat simple home made food which generally consists of some vegetables and roti for the lunch while dinner generally contains dal, roti, vegetable and curd. Simple food. And still the stomach has some problem. This specially happens on a weekend, read Sunday when mom generally cooks Kadhi-Rice and vegetable or Rajma.. Is it that my stomach is not used to an elaborative lunch any more. The same continues for a few days before it comes to normal. I have noticed that these days if I eat something out, my stomach cannot digest it, even if it is a simple sandwich.

When my stomach is upset, its in a real bad shape. I just cannot eat anything. Its empty all the time. I am so scared of eating anything. I am living on the lightest of food one can think of - plain curd and rice, thats it. Not even any vegetable. No milk in the morning.

I wonder why do I have such a sensitive stomach. I cannot eat chillies, garam masala or oily stuff, no tea or hot coffee. These days I am not able to digest cold coffee as well. If the food is even a bit stale, my stomach goes for a toss. I carry water from home. So many times I crave to eat the street food but I know I cannot. I cant take chances with my digestive system. Its no fun being sick like this all the time... I am hungry but I cant eat anything!!! How I am jealous of those people who can eat anything and everything without any worry....


Enchanted said...

hey, just hopped here from Chandni's.
You know i was having the same problem for past few months after i came back from India. It was like the whole routine got disrupted and the ability to digest anything was lost. Used to get acidic burps all the time and had to eat tums every now and then. I started eating curd with each meal, drink plenty of water everyday and started going to the gym everyday. At least a brisk walk for about 30 mins and all the problems have stopped. The days i dont go to the gym they pop up. It may or may not work for you but its worth giving a try. Hope you feel better.

roop said...

oh gosh, tell me about it! i've been eating khichri for two months now ... and now i got another injury for which i have to be bedridden for a while. i havent stepped out of house for so long. #

im tired. :( i hear ya.

Anonymous said...

Hey Pogu,

Go to a doctor. The symptoms could be of Jaundice.