Friday, February 13, 2009

Surajkund Crafts Mela

On Sunday, I went to Surajkund Mela finally... Every year the visit to this mela was cancelled for reasons that I dont remember. But still no regrets. The wait was worth it. The mela is full of energy and vibrant colors all around. Its the place to be for the photographers. Its laid on an open ground which is a huge one and stalls are put from all over India. Every year one state represents the mela which is theme is as well. This year Madhya Pradesh was the theme of the mela.

The moment you enter, you want to run in all the directions and find out about the fair.
Each and every stalls vies for your attention. Beautifully laid out stalls exhibiting their speciality - clothes, junk jewellery, handicrafts, furniture, shawls, upholstery, linen, lamp shades, show pieces, food - you name it and you get it there.

A wide variety of food stalls were put up. But my eyes were on the Egypt Stall. Considering that I love eating and trying different cuisines, I headed to that stall. The best part was that stall had only vegetarian food much to my surprise. There were different dishes available but I settled for Falafel and Shwarma roll. First bite and it was absolute yum!!!

The crowd is endless, the shopping has no limit, the food has a wide variety, riot of colors, the energy is forever bustling - it is a must visit place... I did quite a lot of shopping as opposed to what I had initially thought and I am happy with that. Now I shall try to go there every year till the time I am here..

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