Thursday, February 05, 2009

Right to Infidelity?

What gives a person the right to infidelity or does the person ever have the right to have that right? I have talked about it before as well. One may have problems in marriage, may be it is to the extent that you dont want to continue with it anymore. But is that the reason good enough that you resort to infidelity. Every marriage has problems and yes, sometimes its to the extent that you want to walk out of it. Fine, agreed.. Walk out of it and then start afresh.

But cheating on your partner while you are still in the relationship - is it justifiable? While I do not have anything against getting separated or divorce, but its hard for me to comprehend the reason for unfaithfulness. If the marriage is already on the rocks and you two, cannot stay together, why not move out or sort it out in a decent way. If you have a problem with your spouse, does that mean you will go out and cheat on him/her.

Though I do not want to bring the gender bias here, but I am writing this since I am observing this about a couple wherein the man is cheating on his wife, on the pretext that they both do not have any relationship and he needs some peace of mind. My first reaction to the man was: "Will you like it if your wife does the same thing to you?" He was silent for sometime and then replied, "No, I will not like it." So why is he doing it? Just because he is a man does not give him the right to cheat on his wife.

The marriage has a whole lot of problems which they feel cannot be sorted out. Yes, you do crave for companionship, a hearing ear... So go and talk to a marriage counselor or consult a lawyer if the need be.. Talk to a friend, but infidelity!!! Problems in marriage are justifiable and acceptable but does that also gives you the right to cheat on your spouse??


Anonymous said...

I agree. Infidelity is just not acceptable. It can be an excuse it is not a solution.

Anonymous said...

Infidelity can be defined as "the quality of being faithful"... it's still a quality, innit?

If your partner doesn't know, it cannot be called cheating - look at it this way, if your partner doesn't care any more, he or she won't ask what you were upto - so there is no reason to call it "cheating". So long as they don't know, they're just fine - cheating is deception, but if you don't need to represent or are not asked to represent, there is nothing like deception?

Soulmate said...

It is a cheating since your partner doesnt know it. And if the partners dont care, its better to walk out than to indulge in such stuff. They are deceiving each other by behaving in such a way.