Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eyes Eyes Baby

So the health issue continues. As if the tummy problems were not enough, since yesterday my right eye is hurting. First I simply ignored that I must have rubbed it hard.. Today morning when I checked, I found a tiny-winy swelling inside the lower eye lid. It hurts every time I blink and feels miserable. On close look, seems like its a sty... There is a swelling and looks like a small pimple has developed inside the corner of the eye.

Its becoming red and getting worse. With a wedding in the family just a couple of days, I am worried. More than that, I am thinking how this has happened. I dont share my towels, hankies with anyone. I am very particular about personal hygiene. I dont use any make up. I have not used any new cosmetic since my eyes are very sensitive to any type of cosmetic. There are supposedly good brand eye-liners but I cant use them. Keeping my eyes open is painful as of now since I have to blink. Washing with water at regular intervals gives me temporary relief.

Having constant health problem is driving me nuts. Mom being Mom thinks that someone has put a nazar on me.. :-) I dont blame her. She is more worried than I am.. I am going to see a doctor in the evening and hope that it is nothing major. I want to look my best all the time as always..

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