Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hai Guzarish!!

Finally I managed to see Ghajini,last Sunday, starring Aamir Khan. It made me fall in love with Aamir Khan all over again. Each and every movie of Aamir Khan holds a special place in my heart. The movie has a lot of violence and is quite gory but that does not make you look away from Aamir Khan.

His role as Sanjay Singhania, the business tycoon suits him perfectly. He fits very well into the role. Even the role of a tiger out on a revenge is played with perfection by him. The way he loves his heroines, the way he wins her heart, the way he sings for her, his expressions, his charm, his personality grows on you.

Yes, I agree that I sound like a teenager in school totally in love with an actor. Ever since I saw Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak almost two decades back, I fell for him. It started with cutting his pictures from magazines, newspapers, collecting his posters, postcards, reading every article about him and moreover watching his movies again and again.

His first wife, Reena is from Dehra Dun. I had this deep desire to see him or meet him whenever he came to Dehra Dun, but somehow that could not be achieved. Now I will have to wait for that magical moment when I could meet him personally. I dont know what will happen and how will I react. My whole family knows about my liking for him. So much so that in my house, Aamir Khan is addressed as Mr.____ Khan where ___ is my name... :-)) When its about Aamir Khan's movies, there is nothing good or bad. They are simply Aamir Khan's movies and I have to watch them once, twice, thrice.. as many times as I can...

I guess the admiration for him will continue to grow. Now I want to meet him atleast once, see him, talk to him and have an autograph signed for me... May be someday this wish of mine will be fulfilled...

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