Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can we fight against death?

Is there anyone who can fight against your destiny, against death and come back? I guess No. Last Friday I lost a colleague and a dear friend to the cruel hands of destiny at a young age of around 35 years.

It was a Friday morning when the whole unit had decided to go for an outing to nearby farmhouse and indulge in various team building and fun activities. Whole day was
He had a Cardiac Arrest and by the time he reached hospital, he had already passed away. The doctor declared that he is 'brought dead'. No amount of fighting/argument with the doctor could bring him back. Before us, laid a lifeless body that was playing chess a few hours back...

I came to office with a heavy heart on Monday. There were prayer meetings for him. Every time someone takes his name, tears well up in our eyes. We were six Project Leaders in the same unit and it has been extremely difficult for us to accept the fact that he is no more. We miss him at every point. Now he will not come to my desk and ask for a toffee or a chocolate. Nobody will crack a joke and make the moment light in a serious meeting. Famous for his apt use of one-liners, we miss him immensely.

He used to sit next to me and every time I look up, I find an empty desk. We are still in the state of shock, grief. So many times we get the feeling; he will appear from somewhere and will be sitting at his desk. His books, papers, notepad, certificates are still lying on his desk. Nobody has the heart to touch them or remove them. His seat is still vacant. Nobody has come and sat there. Our GM very appropriately said that there will never be a backfill/replacement for him which is normally done when a person resigns from the organization. We may add a new Project Leader but he will not be his replacement.

We still feel his presence around us. I am not sure whether the time will come to accept the truth that he is no more and he will never come back.. I bid good-bye to an empty seat every evening while leaving. We all miss him...

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Pilot-Pooja said...

That was quite a serious post.

But like you said, we can't fight against death!

May the great soul rest in peace, Amen!