Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back from Jodhpur

New year eve was a lot of fun. I had gone to Jodhpur for three days and it was a great time off from the monotonous life here. Visiting the cities of Rajasthan had always been one of my dreams and Jodhpur was one of them. Its a beautiful and colorful city with wide roads and comparatively less traffic.

Though my train reached 4 hours late, it did not dampen my spirits to see the city. Jodhpur was bright and lovely with wonderful weather. The sun was out and the weather was at its best. Very pleasant. I loved the city the moment I stepped out. It was all colorful and very warm people.

I visited the Air force Station and had a close look at the MIGs, Bisons and the ATC as well.. The view from the Air Traffic Control room was breathtaking. We were explained the technicalities of the aircrafts and how the ATC works. All thanks to my friend who is an IAF officer for taking me around and showing the aircrafts. He understands my passion for the armed forces and the aircrafts and was kind enough to take me around.

The new year party was no less. Attended it at the Air Force Station Officers' Mess and it was a different experience. Not that I have not attended any parties in Officers' Mess but this one was NICE.. Great crowd, great food, great drinks, and above all, absolutely fantastic music. Each and every person was dancing on the floor. From a kid to a middle age to an old person. Everyone had a ball of a time. The DJ was one of the officers only and I was quite impressed by his collection of songs and the way he managed to keep the mood of the party as well as the guests.

This was my second new party that I attended in my life and I had a ball of a time. And ofcourse with so much enjoyment, shopping was also involved, though I had not planned. Jodhpur is a shopper's paradise and yes, at very reasonable rates, if you know where to shop and bargain.

I would love to go back to the city and spend some more time there. May be a full fledged trip to Rajasthan is something I should plan.. I know I am a travel freak or some may call me a nomad or vagabond as well. I enjoy traveling and will do so till I can.. :-)

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