Monday, December 21, 2009

Food, Food, Good food

I look like to be on a good food trip.. But thats how I am... I am a BIG foodie and crave for good food all the time, everytime, everywhere... I can easily figure out what makes a dish delicious and can easily point out the difference between good food and average food.. I may not know all the details of the ingredients or the method of preparing, in short the recipe, but I know what food will be good...

One can put this on the fact that my Mom has been a cookery teacher plus she has been a judge at various cookery contests.. I guess some of the genes have got transferred. I am quite adventurous when it comes to trying different cuisines.. And no I am not just talking about Indian cuisines but international as well. Infact whenever I go out, I love to try something new, specially international..

Most of the people I have come across want to eat the same old boring menu when they go out: Dal Makhani/Kaali Dal/Maa ki dal or whatever it is, naan or tandoori roti, some paneer dish, raita, salad.. I completely abhor this menu, specially Dal Makhani.. I can never ever eat that.. I abhor it to the core.. I would rather go and try something exotic and new.. This is one of the reason that when I travel, I first enquire about the speciaility of the place in terms of food and where I can get it, authentic one... One of the reasons I dont enjoy the popular Chinese food made at most of the places.. It doesnt have that flavour which I look for..

I went to Kerala and had awesome Kerala stuff.. Not even once I had sambhar, idli, dosa, vada - the typical south indian menu that we generally get.. But I had some authentic vegetarian Kerala dish and they were simply delicious. Similar thing happened when I went to Jaipur or Hyderabad or Goa.. If I am simply going out for lunch or dinner here, I will never eat typical Indian food.. I go for something that I had not tried before. In this process, I have had some amazing Continental, Chinese, Italian, Mexican, Israeli, Japanese, South East Asian Food.. Even when I went abroad I tried their local cuisine. I still cant get over the amazing food I had at Annapurna in Malaysia or the Chinese food in Singapore or the scrumptious English Breakfast in UK.. It wasnt at all what I had tasted before and it was simply delicious...

I dont eat to live but I love to eat.. If I come to know about a new restaurant that has opened in the city, I eagerly wait to try their food. Ofcourse, its not always that the food turns out to be good.. I have had bad experiences as well, but that what it takes to differentiate between good food and not so good food.. I think I should be a food guide..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Have I become a Chef

I have started cooking on a regular basis since quite sometime. Whatever be the reason, but I have started it. I used to wonder what kind of cook will I turn out to be.. I had not done regular cooking before. But once I started it and that also alone, I realized that I have it in me. I know what spices to put in what vegetables, how to make the vegetables taste different and nice.

As a child, I used to run away from the kitchen. I never liked the idea of cooking, but I was always up for eating good food.. Even when my mom tried to teach me a thing or two about cooking, I never took any interest. Even she never forced, may be thinking that eventually I will learn or it was not so important at that point of time.

Now when I started cooking occasionally when Mom was not around, I never had any difficulty. I could cook easily. There were so many things I learnt from Mom unknowingly. Finely chopped vegetables, almost zero oil/ghee, soft parathas/roti and thin as well, retaining the original color of the vegetables. Each and every dish that I cook look as beautiful, delicious and delectable as Mom's; not to forget, they even taste the same. Be it simple matar paneer, cakes, puddings, corn-paneer korma, gatte ki sabzi, methi malai matar, poha, upma, stuffed parathas of different varieties... You name it and I know it.. I remember as a teenager sometimes I used to make plain rice. My Nanaji could easily figure out, that it was me who cooked the rice. He always said that I make the perfect rice. Each and every grain is soft and separated.

When Mom came back from Mumbai a few months back, the lunch was already ready.. She couldnt help but praise, how tasty the food is.. I felt so nice, especially since it came from Mom, who is known to have really high standard in cooking. She does not passes anyone so easily in their cooking.. But now I knew that if Mom is saying then it must be really good.. Even my colleagues at the lunch table, cant figure who prepared my lunch box... Mom's and my vegetables look the same.. :-) I feel so nice about it. Mom is one of the best cooks, I have ever come across.. I am saying this, not just because everyone says about their Mom, but because its the truth and accepted by whosoever has eaten food cooked by her.. So when I see traces of her cooking skills present in me, I can only feel on top of the world... A pat on my back!!!

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Mussoorie Craving

I went to my hometown around 10 days back for some urgent work.. I could not have a real vacation, no matter how much I wanted to have.. The trip was just a weekend one and quite a hectic one. But this time and also during last few trips, there has been a urge inside me to visit the 'Queen of Hills' - Mussoorie, every time I go to Dehra Dun... I am surprised at myself for this sudden wanting to go there...

As a child it never lured me.. Infact my last visit to Mussoorie was around 12-13 years back... During my whole life time, I have been there just 5-6 times.. Not more than that.. While people who visited Doon, craved about going to Mussoorie, it never excited me at all.. I was happy sitting in Doon watching those hills from my bedroom window - during summers, during night and during winters after heavy snowfall.. Beyond that nothing.. But now suddenly I have this craving to go to Mussoorie. I want to go there and see what all has changed.. What still remains the same.. I want to walk through the clouds.. want to experience that chill in the air and simply walk aimlessly on its roads...

Its strange and I think I am crazy to have this feeling, but I want to go there.. Who knows, next time when I visit Doon, I might end up being in Mussoorie for a day... Oh, if you ask me about Doon - it was lovely as usual.. Beautiful winter sun and cold evenings... I loved those two hectic days... In between a short trip to Rishikesh happened, again for some urgent work...Here is one of the pic that I clicked in Rishikesh...

Friday, December 04, 2009

Being a loser...

all the time, everywhere, in everything makes you lose life.. Thats where I currently stand. I have reached a stage in life, wherein I have a firm belief that nothing can ever go right for me. No matter how much effort I put in, how much I want it badly, how much I work towards it, I am not meant for it at all. It seems as if, life has decided to pull me down and put me in the deepest of dumps whenever I try to get up and take a hold on myself. Even the tears have refused to well up in my eyes. Either they have dried or my eyes have refused to cry anymore.. I have started reaching a stage where sometimes, nothing effects me nor do I feel anything.. Am I turning into a stone. I dont want to. I want my feelings to remain intact, but somehow its not happening. I seem to be losing myself with every passing day. The smile is fading away. There is no expression on the face. I appear as a stone hearted person who is not moved by any event. I dont want to be like that. I want my faith to be intact. I dont want to lose trust. I dont want to give up. But its not happening. I need a respite and a break from everyone and everything.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

As I ...

...enter into another year of life, I sit back and think what exactly does this day holds for me. Even after a lot of thinking I dont get any reply... I have no excitement or any emotions attached with this day. For me its just another day, which I spend alone, all by myself, working in office, coming back to an empty house, eating alone and then off to sleep... I have accepted it, the way it has been..

But today I am thankful to my boss for taking us to a coffee shop and giving us a surprise treat for my birthday... A few people who claim to be my friend, did not wish and yes, I did get some unexpected wishes.. Thanks to all those who wished.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Performance vs. Progression

As far as I remember, I have written on this controversial topic before as well. Why I am writing again on the same subject is a different story.

As always the team members are eager to know about their progressions/promotions. More than them, its me who is eager to know who all shall be promoted. Its not just their succession, but mine as well in a different way. While we do have the reasons when the team members are not promoted, there are times when we dont. How do we explain that when there are just 2 vacancies and we have almost 10 eligible candidates, that it becomes really difficult to pick and choose those 2 candidates. This happens everywhere. One or the other candidate will have that 0.1 point extra than the other which makes him win the next position.

But at the end of the day, its the manager who feels bad. Somewhere down the line, its an achievement for the manager when his team progresses. The point that I am trying to list down here is, whenever a team member of mine is not progressed, then its me who is more affected than them. Somehow I feel that I failed somewhere thats why they did not progress. At times, I feel helpless as well. Like the situation I mentioned above. Its difficult to make them understand that they may not be less than others, but there are decisions taken, which are not even in our hands.

Also we all know that not everyone becomes a CEO of a company. A lot depends on the kind of work a person does, but yes, luck plays a significant role in our lives. Sometimes I see myself in the same situation few years ago. There were times when I deserved the promotion, even the client sent the recommendation but due to 'Organization and Business Decisions', it was not done. At that time, even I used to feel bad. It is a circle, which makes you feel bad whether you are a manager or a team member. I wish there was an easy way out, somewhere, somehow.... Is there?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Come November

and I start getting butterflies and feeling anxious.. More than one reason to feel like this. Till sometime ago, I used to eagerly wait for this month. The season changes and it announces the onset of winter. Diwali festival. My birthday. Another year is close to coming to an end. When the sunlight does not seem harsh and we like the warmth of it.

But now things have changed. I do not like the onset of November anymore. This month makes me realize that I have grown another year older and have become more lonelier. It seems like a rant here, but thats what the space is meant for. Its my space. This month also tells me that another year has passed in my current job. Why dont I feel happy here? Happiness may be a state of mind but your mind needs to be in place for it.. Isnt it.. I feel miserable now, when November comes. Dont want it to come anymore. I want it to remove from the calendar completely. An insane wish to ask for!! Let it be..

Friday, October 30, 2009

Gone forever

My favourite umpire of all times - David Shepherd is no more. The moment I read this news yesterday, tears welled up in my eyes.. He succumbed to cancer at the age of 68 years. :-(

I have grown up watching him on the cricket field. There are matches which I have watched only because he was the umpire. It was fun to watch cricket only because he was the umpire. He and Steve Bucknor made the best pair on the ground as umpires. I used to love watching these two together on the ground, umpiring a match. David was someone whom I just lovedand adored. His acts, expressions made him such a lovable person. Many a times he reminded me of a Santa Claus. I will still take sometime to digest that he is no more.

Rest in peace David. We love you...

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Marriages and Horo(r)scopes

So here comes my pet topic again - Marriage. Ever since I completed my graduation 11 years back, my Mom has been eager to marry me off. Very natural, like every other parent, she wants to see me happy and settled with some nice boy. So the search on war scale started. Discussed with friends, relatives. Tried contacting through newspaper, giving ads, agencies and even the matrimonial sites. But as luck would have it, nothing ever materialized anywhere...

Many a times things were very close to be finalized, but then something or the other happened and it never happened. May be it was not suppose to happen. I have no regrets. At that time, I was not so keen also on getting married. Somewhere down the line, I knew that it wont happen in early 20s.. May be it was my 6th sense..

I found a job and it kept me on my toes with no time left to think about anything. My Mom still continued with her search and was very hopeful.. But as the years progressed, she started feeling dejected at every rejection. I could very well understand her state of mind. Not that she had any high hopes, nor did I. Infact most of the times, things did not even reach me. She does believes in horoscope a lot and according to that, my stars are a little tough. But she was also told that once I cross the age of 27, things would be fine. Still she kept trying..

Now I am 31. Still single. Till few years back, I thought that things are fine and I can manage life, the way it is. Like always, I take life as it comes. No big plans, no high hopes. Just a plain, simple, happy life is what I wish for. I was not serious about marriage before, but now I am. I know what it is to be lonely, when all you need is a hug, a hand to hold, someone to talk to.. A very close school friend of mine asked me to send my horoscope to her. She wanted to help me to find if there is something that could be done. I thought when we have tried all other methods, lets try this one as well. There is no harm in it. Well, the person she showed it to, told her that I have some really bad and tough stars (something I knew already).. He also said that if I dont get married in another 1-1/2 years then it will be really really really difficult in the future. :-)

I didnt know how to react. Its difficult to explain. Not that I completely believe in it, but the way things have been, its forcing me to believe in it. For me marriage is bringing about two souls together who compliment and complete each other. Its the sense of togetherness and the love for each other that matters the most. To have someone next to you, who loves you and whom you can love and care for, holds a lot of importance in life. And to take this relationship forward, one does gets married. Its just a way of being together and be there for each other.. The sheer thought of being lonely for the rest of the life, is threatening. You may have an absolutely loving family and very close friends, but at the end of the day, you do need that someone special. As of now, my hopes seem to die down. I dont want it to happen, but I am forced to believe in it. Its breaking me slowly inside. With every piece breaking, the pain grows and there seems to be no respite....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ye dooriyan

Yeh dooriyan
In raho ki dooriyan
Nigahon ki dooriyan
Humraho ki dooriyan
Fanna ho sabhi dooriyan

- Love Aaj Kal.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Himalayas Lap : Himachal

Finally I went on a vacation of this year last week. and boy!! what a trip it was.. Till last Friday, we were not sure of the place and also how will we go... moreover, whether we will be able to go or not.. It was supposed to be an all girls trip... Myself, my friend's wife, wife's sister and mother.. I had spoken to his wife quite a lot of times before but never got a chance to meet her.. The moment we met, we clicked.. Same goes for her family. It never seemed even once that we were meeting for the first time..

What transpired in the next seven days is beyond anyone's imagination.. Aunty is one of the most humble and friendly person I have ever met in my life. I never knew that I would hit off so instantly with her.. Friend's wife's sister is one of the most adorable and cute kid I have seen. She is a complete entertainer in herself. We went to Chandigarh first, got a warm welcome in a huge house in Chandimandir, which is the Cantt of Chandigarh.. Saw Rock Garden and Sukhna Lake.. It was a tiring trip around the Rock Garden but worth it. Its amazing, how someone can create such beautiful structures out of things we call as waste.. Hats off to Nek Chand for coming up with this brilliant idea and getting the Rock Garden created.

The next stop was amidst the lap of himalayas - Himachal Pradesh. Our first destination was Dharamshala/Mcleodganj. The trip by road was a smooth drive. While driving, we passed through Naya Nangal - the place where I have spent initial days of my childhood before we moved to Dehra Dun. Memories of days spent there, flashed past my eyes.. I became so nostalgic crossing the out-skirts of the city. I remembered that railway track vividly. The city has changed so much. Its been more than two decades since I went to that city...

The stop was Dharamshala where we stayed at YOL Cantt. Uncle had made sure that room bookings were done at all the places and in the best of the rooms.. This was the first time I stayed in Army Cantt, though I have stayed in Naval and Air Force Base previously. Considering my love and passion for the armed forces, it was the perfect place to be at.. I got the five star treatment. A beautiful room with an equally beautiful view and with 24 hours service at our beck and call.. The air was fresh and smelled nice. The lovely mist rising from the mountains, the sun playing hide and seek in the clouds, the clouds rising and engulfing the himalayan range, the colorful flowers blooming everywhere.. It was a dream. I could spend my life there.. Our stop was Dharamshala, where we stayed and then we roamed around the city visiting various places - War Memorial, Chamunda Devi Temple, Norbulingka Institute -the best monastery and a must visit place.

We drove uptil Mcleodganj and walked up and down the main road soaking in the beauty of the place and capturing as much as we could in our cameras and memories.

Two days over and we were off to Dalhousie - another breathtaking place.. The road trip to Dalhousie is a picturesque one. Its even better than the route to Dharamshala.
At times, you stop and think - Am I on this earth or is it heaven.. All you could see was green pastures, blue mountains, different wild flowers in the most exotic colors and variety, clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds, with sun playing among them.. I could not decide which part of the route was better than the other.. The only thing that was a drawback was my incompetency to deal with travel on such high terrains(which is actually not so high as well).. I was nauseatic all the way to Dalhousie. But once I was there, my eyes were wide open and I was again ready to soak in the beauty of the place. The stay was at 323 Brigade. And this time, it was a suite.. Can it get any better than this.. Staying in a Army Cantt and that also in a suite meant for Brigadiers and above.. The weather was at its best and it was pleasantly cold - something that I love. We roamed on the streets of Dalhousie gasping at the breath taking view every moment. The main attraction was the tiny market in one of the most tiny lanes I have ever seen and you get everything, one can ask for, under the sun.. We spent a day there and then it was bag packs. One thing that I really liked about the Himachal was : No polythene bags were used anywhere. Everywhere, people use pretty paper bags.. Another thing: None of the products sold are 'Made in China', which was such a big relief. Considering that the people in these places were mostly from Tibet, there were posters of Anti-China everywhere.. It was so nice to buy stuff 'Made in India'.

The next stop was Patiala - the place where my friend actually belonged to. We were given a warm welcome by my friend's Grandmother and their lovable labrador pet - Tasha. Nani was as affectionate as Aunty. She made sure that the meals were ready for us whenever we wanted and Aunty made sure to take me around the city and buy the best of the stuff, something that I proudly possess now. A day in Patiala and we were ready to go back to Chandigarh and spend a day there before the vacation ended. Late night chats, awesome food, pulling each others' legs, jokes, laughter - it was the perfect vacation one could ask for.. How one week went by, we didn’t even come to know..

It was a dream vacation for me. Infact I had not thought it to be so great even in my dream.. I dont have enough words to thank Aunty and Uncle for organizing such a wonderful trip for me. I was a complete stranger to them before this trip. They are the most humble, hospitable and loving people I have met. I sometimes wonder, how come I always have the best of vacations when I am staying with friends - whether it was in UK, Jodhpur or this time. Everyone made me feel so special.. My heart is filled with gratitude towards them and I have lovely memories of the trip.. and yeah, how can I forget the lovely gift given by Aunty just when we were about to come back home, much to my surprise. Thanks Aunty, Uncle for giving me such a wonderful vacation. Now I look forward to our Leh/Srinagar trip next year..

Monday, September 21, 2009

Hum Sab Kaminey...

A random conversation happened with a friend after a very long time. The only reason for being out of touch was, he was in an area where the mobiles didnt work. So the moment he reached a place, where the signals were good enough to have conversation, we chatted. And what a conversation it was. An excerpt from it.

Friend : Hey, how have you been?
Me : Good good.. You tell me.. You have been missing all this while. What all is happening.
Friend : You know, I will not have any great story to share. I was simply exploring the mountains and jungles. Somehow I am alive and surviving.
Me : Hmm.. I know.. Your job is such. Sometimes it gets tough. I was wondering here where you have been.
Friend : Still you like my job!!!
Me : Yes I do.. Thats one of my passion and you know that.
Friend : But then why do you speak so much against all of us most of the times.
Me : Because the kind of act that you all do. Spoil the reputation of this esteemed organization.
Friend : C’mon. Not everyone is like that.
Me : Alright, lets see. When are you introducing me to one of your friend? Let me see how he turns out.
Friend : No no.. You are a very nice girl. Yahan sab saale kaminey hain.
: To hum kaun sa seedhe hain. Hamari arzoo bhi to kamini hai..
(I am not translating this into English, just to make sure that the fun part remains).
Friend : !!!!!!!!

He loved it and then he decided that he is going to use this line at some time...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lappy Tappy

Past few days have been spent on spending on myself exclusively. So while one can make out from the blog, that I have been indulging in getting things done for myself, here is another one to add.

I had waited for it so very long. Searched for it. Went and asked so many people.. I was confused, in a big dilema, whether I should go for it not. I got quite a negative response from everywhere, rather I should say that no response was lucrative enough that would make me go for it.. At some time I had made up my mind that I can do without it, but then again I wanted it badly. Started my search all over again and with full enthusiasm. I didnt want a disappointment this time.

I thoroughly searched and did my homework. Found out each and every detail and then made the comparisons. Finally I decided that I have to go for it. So, finally I asked for it and waited anxiously for it. Had umpteen conversation with the middle man, just to make sure that I am getting the best deal, something that I shall enjoy having with me for sometime atleast.. So Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is.. My first laptop - Dell Inspiron.. Navy blue color..

I fell in love with it, they moment it arrived. This is the best I could get with the constraints that I had regarding my budget, specifications, requirements, wants.. I like it and hopefully, this should help me to blog more often.

Have a look at it..

Monday, September 14, 2009

Socially Networking

A few days back, after a discussion which resulted into an argument with the Boss, left me upset. The discussion was obviously related to work where in there are no issues and thats what her issue was.. Weird, it can get sometimes...

Anyways, the discussion/argument got over.. I cribbed for the rest of the day. First thing, when I reached home, was to open one of the social networking sites and put up the status, which clearly mentioned that I had a bad day due to an argument with the boss and how I hate the managers... This was my way of giving vent to my anger and pleasing myself…

Well, the status did create a few sparks.. I got a message from one of my dearest cousin, saying that I should not put such message as my status, lest it is read by people and mis-understood. It can prove dangerous. While, I dont deny his point, the sole reason for putting the message, was to release my feelings which I could not tell anyone. And yeah, the way we all use these sites, anyone can easily track our daily routine and follow our lives…

Sometimes, I do feel the danger around it.. The question is, is it worth taking the risk – the risk could be bigger than what I have put here.. Putting your professional and personal life at stake, we sometimes get so hooked to these sites. While I am not as regular as other people who update it almost every or couple of hours about their status, but yes, I do try to update it once in a day or once in two days… Still, it generates a lot of curiosity among the friends and others who are able to see the profile. I remember, once I had put the status as: ‘Looking forward to a new life, new beginning’ and everyone thought that I am getting married, much to my amusement…

Such is the influence of these sites. Being open to the whole world and letting them sneak into our thoughts, feelings, updates, statuses.. But I guess, thats the price we all pay, if we are so 'social'... Isnt it..

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Me - The Guitarist

So I have been away for a while (again).. I do wish to post regularly since its my blog and I want to and its close to my heart, but!!!

Anyway, the big good thing that happened in the last few days is that I have started learning guitar.. Yes, something about which I blogged a while ago.. Finally, the classes have started and I am loving every bit of it. I bought the new guitar as well. Yamaha C40 to start with.. Its a classical guitar which means it has nylon strings... I love my guitar and the classes are even better.. I am still getting used to the strings, frets, fingers, notes, tabs...

I was given a choice whether I simply want to learn the songs or go the real way of learning music by getting to know about the tabs, notes and then songs.. I chose the second one.. Unless I understand the notes, whats the point of learning just the songs.. But yes, it requires a lot of practice.. My hand is good with the use of fingers, but I still need to get used to plectrum or the pick... My left hand aches since you have press the correct fret and then play the string with the right hand.. A lot of co-ordination and patience is needed.. I am quite slow when I play it but I am happy that atleast I have started what I really wanted to do...

I have always been in awe of people who can play some musical instrument specially guitar.. My teacher has told me not to leave the classes in between which generally happens with most of the students, since they are not able to cope with the patience needed to learn it.. I have started recognising the notes, for how long the note should sustain, when I am supposed to give a rest, half a note and a quarter note.. Wow.. This post is full of guitar lingo which only people familiar with the instrument would understand..

In the interest of the time and keeping in mind my super busy schdule, I have taken up weekend classes. This also makes sure that I am regular and I can adjust the time accordingly... Also I drive down to the music school.. So I get to practice the driving as well.. So much has started happening in the last few months... I guess life is moving on fine as of now.. I hope so..

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Love, Hospitality = Feed more.

After a small hiatus, I am back.. I do try to be regular here but!!! During my last trip to Dehra Dun, I managed to sneak some time and go to Chandigarh to meet one of my cousins, who recently had a baby. I had met her family couple of times before also and I knew that they were extremely warm, hospitable and nice people to be with..

Not to sound harsh, but sometimes too much warmth and hospitality gets on your nerves. During every meal, I literally had to grab my plate and put it under the table for the fear of being asked to eat more than I could. I do understand when the hosts try to make the guests feel comfortable and yeah a little bit of force to take one extra bhatura, roti, some more vegetables or rice or curry.. But putting it forcibly on someone's plate and then expect them to eat is sometimes too much.

For a person like me, who is a small eater as well as a fast eater, the problem becomes two fold. Everytime someone checks my plate, they think that I am not eating since I am either shy or I didnt like the food. Well, I dont know how to explain the fact that I can eat very fast and there is a limit upto which I can eat. No matter how tasty the food is, I cannot over-eat even a single morsel than what my appetite is. I get very uneasy after that, upto the point of throwing up. But obviously, I cant explain this to anyone, lest people misunderstand me..

I know when someone is my guest, I do ask them to eat once, twice, thrice but I never force them to the point where I feel the person will feel uncomfortable after eating. After all, we all know how much we can eat and how much our stomach can hold. If you forcibly feed a person more than they can eat, it is no way of showing your love and hospitality. Let the guest eat and be comfortable with the amount they want to. Do ask them time and again but dont force them. There is a fine line here and sometimes we tend to ignore that.. It may seem that I am ranting against hospitality but no, I am not. I just want to put my point across to say that please dont force feed me. I shall eat the amount that I want to and to my heart's content. You force feed me, and I shall run away from you...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Rains in Doon

So you guessed it right.. I am in my Dehra Dun... It may seem that all I have to do in my life is go to doon and then write a post on it.. But then how does it matter.. I do it since I want to.. This is the monsoon season and as per the weather of Doon goes, when it starts raining, it rains continuously for days and the temperature comes down drastically. Not that you have to wear jacket or something, but it becomes very pleasant.. Forget A/Cs, you dont even need a fan most of the times.. Such is the lovely weather of Dehra Dun...

Everything looks washed and green.. The grass is greener, the trees have dripping water, the flowers are in bloom, the mountains are misty with clouds all over them, the sun plays hide and seek with the clouds, the moment it will be bright and sunny, the next moment it will be shady and cloudy.. If it starts raining, then there are big fat rain drops.. It pours like it will wash your heart as well from all the pain and fill it with love and gratitude.. Its a wonderful feeling here.. No blocked drains, no traffic jams, no water accumulation..

The rains here bring so much of love and togetherness.. It brings the families together.. sitting in an open verandah, watching the rains, sipping coffee, reading a book or simply watching the nature's harmony.. The squirrels run here and there to find a shelter, the birds sitting on the porch, the cows getting wet, the children playing in the water.. Ever drop of rain here is a music piece in its own.. I love those light drizzles as well as heavy downpour.. And when after a heavy rain in the night, when the sun shines brightly in the sky, its even better. Then you wonder, what song the rain played the night before.. Its magical..

Sometimes it seems to me, that I can go on and on about this place, where I have had wonderful memories of the childhod spent.. The rainy days also meant a smelly dog, damp clothes, books, almirahs, fungus.. everything seems to be damp except for the spirit of the people here.. The rains here lift the mood of a person.. so if you are in low spirits, and want some good in your life, come here.. You shall experience some of the best things in life here and in turn get to start loving life all over again.. It does that to me.. My heart comes to a rest here.. My soul is at peace when I am here.. so for love, peace, relaxation, smiles, heart bouncing - come to Doon... :-)

Friday, July 24, 2009

Old and alone.

Past few days have been extremely busy, considering random updates on the blog. Some of the reasons are stated in the previous post but there are others as well. I am not going to start another post with reasons for not posting.

Well, there is a lot of thinking going around in my head. As I am growing wiser (if I can say that), there is constant fear that will I be growing wiser alone.. Yes, there are times when I feel a very strong urge to have someone besides me whom I can talk to freely, heart to heart and have that kind of conversation which you strike with your partner.. So if I put it technically, I do feel the need of having that someone special in my life with whom I shall share all that I want to..

The whole thought of getting old alone does scare me sometimes. Having family is one thing and growing with a partner is another. My heart does looks out for that unseen man.. It wants to love that person with all the love, passion that it holds inside. No matter how many close friends, supportive family you may have, in the end you do want to end up in that special someone's arms.. I want to experience the beautiful feeling of being loved, the way I shall love him.. I want to come back home to him and not to a lonely house. I want to cook for him. I want to see him growing old with me. I want to hold his hands whenever I feel scared. I want to have that feeling that, Yes, he is there for me whenever I need him. That he shall be mine and I'll be his. We will have our share our fights, arguments but still we will come back to each other...

I may sound like a hopelessly romantic person but its ok. I know I am.. Sometimes, its over-whelming for me to keep all this feelings inside me. Its like the heart is filled to the brim with love and its difficult to hold it from spilling over. I find myself vulnerable at that time.. I do hope that my dreams do not die before I could even share them.. I have full faith.. As they say, when the night is the darkest, the dawn is not very far away.. My knight in shining armor shall arrive soon, I hope so..

Friday, July 10, 2009

My crazy life

Ever since I came back from a short trip to Doon, I have wanted to write but the way my life is these days, is driving me up the wall. Its been crazily busy and its driving me mad to the level of me going insane...

There are so many things that I want to do, but I am just not being able to get time for them.. There is a music school close to my place that I want to explore but have not been able to.. I need to go for a hair-cut.. I have a few errands to do... I have to visit a relative's house to offer my condolences for a death.. I have to catch up with a few friends and relatives.. I have to call a few friends whom I have not spoken to for ages.. There are some missed calls which I have to return.. There are some emails lying which I need to reply to.. There are some books that I have to read.. The cleaning needs to be done.. The papers need to sort out... The cupboard needs to be arranged.. I have to visit the bank.. There is a letter lying to be posted..

Its just been crazy... I myself dont know where my day goes.. I have not been able to wake up early to go for my morning walk/jog... The maid comes in and rings to wake me up.. Thats when I run out of the bed and starts a mad day... Cleaning, washing, cooking, getting ready for the office.. By the time I am in office, I am half tired.. Sometimes I dont even get time to read the newspaper properly.. What goes in office these days is another story... 5 clients, 20 team members, with almost 2-3 meetings, escalations, issues, performance issues, urgent and last minute deliverables, the list goes on and on...

So now you know.. It does seems like a everyday life for some but for me, its getting too much.. I need a vacation... The only good part that I see is, at the end of the day when I lie in the bed, it does not take me more than 2 minutes to fall into a deep-deep slumber - something which so many people wish for....

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dehra Dun = Smile

There is a smile on my face
A song in my heart
Butterflies in my tummy
I am going to my Doon valley

Friday, June 05, 2009

Drive again

Remember how I expressed my inability and inefficiency to drive. I learnt how to drive, drove for a few days with a driver sitting next to me and then gave up.. Every time someone honked the horn on my face, I would be scared and my confidence fell to the lowest level you can think of.

Well, with the passage of time, I have realized that I have become almost immobile only due to the fact that I dont drive. This has been concerning. If I have to go somewhere or even meet friends, I am stuck. Not that I want to go driving around the whole NCR, but atleast to nearby places. This has made me strong enough to pick up the scattered threads of driving again. So yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, I have started driving. Initially I was scared again. But its ok. If my car stops in the middle of road because I did not put the gear properly or did not release the clutch properly or did not apply the brakes properly, its ok. It happens with everyone.

With a driver next to me, I make sure to drive on a regular basis and now I feel quite confident enough. May be in a few weeks time I shall have enough confidence to venture out alone and take the car to the near by places. It is not a rocket science and anyone can learn to drive. I need to practice and never lose that confidence. I know I am not the one who drives at a speed of more than 40 but even thats fine. Instead of 15 minutes, may be I will take 25 minutes to reach a place, but thats fine. Atleast I shall be independent. I wouldnt have to look for a 'driver' everytime I need to go somewhere.

I am not the person who is into night driving but yes it suffices for my daily needs. Over the weekends I wouldnt have to sit at home or wait for those packed buses where the crowd is only looking for an opportunity to brush against you. I still have to practice. I forget sometimes what gear the car is running on.. I sometimes get confused between that half clutch and half brake technique but I shall overcome that. I shall drive and there is nothing stopping me.. Yay!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Court Martial

Last evening was wonderful. Perfect weather. Driving on the roads lined with green trees. Less traffic and the weather thought of being extra gracious on us by being actually cool in this hot month of May. It was cloudy and windy that we all loved. To top it all, I saw a play in the amphitheatre at India Habitat Centre. The play was titled 'Court Martial', written by Swadesh Deepak, directed by Arvind Gaur.

The play started with a tight grip on the subject. The actors were well prepared and not even once it was felt that they were civilians and nowhere related to the Armed Forces. The play is about the trial of an orderly Ramchandra who is accused of killing an officer and attempt to kill another one. What followed was an intense court room drama involving some poignant, humorous and touchy moments. One comes to know that even the Army is not spared from the clutches of caste barriers.

How an officer stoops to a low level where he never to fails to insult his soldier? Simply because he is not from a 'high' caste and also he managed to beat the officer in the 5000 m race. While interrogation, it was revealed that there are much larger issues at stake than just the murder. There is a question on the mere existence of humanity in general. Yes, what the culprit did was punishable, but its the society which is responsible for driving such ghastly acts. The culprit did come out as winner, at the same time even the victim was not spared. The only question raised every time was : Why did Ramchandra had to kill the officer? What was his motive? All and all a wonderfully done play, packaged equally well. No loose ends left.

My love for watching plays goes back to when I was in Class XII almost 15 years back. That was the first time I saw a play in Tata theatre in Mumbai. It was based on Agatha Chrsitie's novel - 'Tere Pyaar Mein'. Till then I had never known that watching plays can be so much fun. After that I did watch a couple of plays but they were not as interesting as I had expected. So when I got a chance to watch 'Court Martial', I could not resist. Also the fact that it was based on Armed Forces (another love of mine)...

A very well executed play.. An evening worth spent.. Justified more than an hour of travel.. If you ever get a chance, dont miss it. Go, watch it for some thrilling performances and soul-stirring thinking..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Drive anywhere Park everywhere

For the past few days, we are experiencing problems with our parking space in the society. Ours is an open parking with the parking number clearly mentioned. Infact every parking area has a number allotted and one can easily read them. Everytime we take out our car, we find that someone else has parked their car happily in our parking space. It becomes difficult to track the person who has parked his car. Its a huge society and obviously there are visitors as well. The guard at the gate does asks the person where he is going to but still its a nuisance in its own. What we started doing was, park our car right behind that person's car just to let them know that they cannot park their cars at their own whims and fancies.. If they are a visitor in the society they are supposed to park at the appropriate place. At the end, all we heard was a 'Sorry' without any guilt. Some of them even had the courage to commit the same mistake again. We did not like troubling them to find the owner but it was required to let them know the basic ethics of visiting another society. And all these people claim to be respectable.

So couple of days back, like always, we took out our car. When I came back late in the evening, I found that someone has happily parked his car and also in the fashion that not only our parking was blocked, the parking next to ours was also blocked. It was around 7 in the evening. I asked the driver to wait for a few minutes so that I can find out about the owner of the car. I tried to enquire for almost 30 minutes but could not. That visitor told at the gate, that he was visiting the society office. Obviously it was a lie.. We parked our car right behind his. I am not comfortable driving but still I thought I will manage if the person comes and asks me to remove my car.

After two hours two people literally banged on our front door twice. I found two 'gentlemen' standing, probably in early sixties. They started talking at a very high pitch. They told me to remove the car so that they can take out their car. I asked them if they could see where they have parked the car. I was not in a very good mood after searching for the owner sometime back. All the person had to say was 'Sorry'. Both of them introduced themselves as a Colonel and a Brigadier respectively. Moreover the resident of the society claimed that he was his guest and he visits him very often. They play a game or two and spend sometime together. Fine. But does that give him a right to park his car anywhere? I clearly told him that it was unethical on his part to give a wrong address at the gate and also park in someone else' parking.. All he could claim was I am a retired Army officer and a senior citizen. I do respect people of all age groups and whatever profession they belong to. But he was trying to make a point that since he was a retired officer and a senior citizen, it was ok.. I was #$#@%^&^. I told him that I face this problem everyday where I have to struggle to park my own car.

The matter was sorted out after a few minutes when I told him clearly that he will have to help with parking my car since I did not have any driver. His ego was hurt. I could make out clearly that he was not very happy that he had to wait and look for the owner (the same way I did). I was thinking at the end of the day, is it our fault that our parking is an open one and yeah a convenient one. Does that mean anyone can park their car? Moreover, if you are a retired officer and a senior citizen, do you have the right to talk in a rude manner and say whatever you feel like. I always hold Army officers at a high pedestal. I have very high regards for them (quite evident from my blog).. I do expect some decency.. But now it seems I am asking for too much!!!

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Working Saturday

Thanks to the elections in this part of the country on 7th May, where the company had to declare a forced holiday, I am working today. Ever since we came to know that we will be working on Saturday, my mind is switched off. I agree that its an additional holiday but yes, we can make up with the lost time. Why do we have to work on Saturday - the day when I am supposed to be relaxing at home, watching TV, surfing net, reading a book, sipping a cool drink and sleeping... But the fact is that I am sitting in office, working. The day was made a compulsory working day for everyone. So while I am slogging here, my manager has comfortably decided not to come.. The bliss of being a manager and having the option of not working!!

I remember how I worked on every Saturday for almost 3-4 months some 4-1/2 years back, without taking any comp-offs.. Those days I used to be alone sitting in the whole office working. Just because I was the only one who knew about that process and it was a critical one with high revenues at stake.. But today, why are we sitting in office. We could have been given an extra day off and yes, we would have made up for the lost time by working extra hours on the rest of the weekdays (in any case we do)...

I even confirmed if we can work on 7th and take Saturday off. My point was we dont need the whole day to vote.. But it was made clear that we cannot come to office on 7th.. So if we dont work on Saturday, the day would be marked as leave. And obviously we do not want to lose a day's leave just like that, considering that every day of leave counts here.. So just to make myself happy on this Saturday, I went downstairs and had an ice-cream.. I am feeling better and looking at the clock every now and then.. waiting for the day to end...

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Can they be wrong? Are they always right? If yes, why! If not, why! Well, this question is one thing, I have always asked. I dont know what is the right answer. For me, parents constitute a part that helps in bringing up the child and developing his thought process to make him capable of thinking in the right direction. In no way, there can be a correct methodology of bringing up a child. Everyone does based on their experiences and out of their own thinking/perspective.

So if one parent thinks that its ok to keep a child under air-conditioned environment during summers, lest he develops rashes, sun burns or gets a heat stroke; there is another one who thinks that its ok if the child plays out in the sun. This will develop his immunity system. The child shall learn how to bear the heat wave and survive. The child will accordingly develop his own thinking.

As a child, we always look upto our parents. For us they are the ones who are always right. But can there be a possibility that somewhere we may feel that why cant our parents understand our point of view rather than imposing their decisions on us. Isn’t it possible that the child may develop a negative attitude simply because nobody tried to understand him? The child was made to believe that the parents can never be wrong. If a child is not studying properly or not scoring the highest rank, then there is a problem with him. Remember Taare Zameen Par.. All the kid wanted was, some bit of understanding from his parents.

Can we simply follow what our parents say, without thinking how it may impact us. I do not question the intent of the parents…. Yes, they shall always think the best for us, BUT from their perspective. Sometimes, it becomes difficult to make the parents understand that while we do not doubt their thinking capability, but somewhere along the line, life teaches us, nurtures us and makes us experienced enough to think in our own way, which is different from theirs. Who said that there can be just one solution to a problem? I know a person who wanted to study Chartered Accountancy, but was made to take up Pharmacy and later he failed in it miserably. Why? All because his parents wanted him to take up Pharmacy and he never questioned them. I am sure his parents meant well for him, but the person lost on what he wanted to do.

Similar situation appears when kids grow up and are of marriageable age. The parents do their best to find the best match for them. The adult child sometimes knows that he is getting into a wrong relationship, but out of parental pressure he agrees. Ultimately who suffers? When you grow past 30, we are more of adults, ready to be parents ourselves. At that time, we do have the capacity to think and to know what is right and wrong. We do have the minds to gauge what kind of a life partner do we want. We can make out whether we can live with a certain person or not. While we do need parents for their love and support at everytime, but we do need our own space and the confidence to think that yes, we can be right as well.

Makes sense!!!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Jinxed or Blessed

While I am jinxed on losing relations, people who come in close contact with me, are blessed to find their partners. I am yet to find my soulmate whereas all my friends have gone ahead and found someone they want to spend their life with. I often wonder, why does this happens.

I have a lot of friends who were single and were not able to find someone, till they meet me.. Once we start getting close, a magic happens and they find their better halves. While I am again left alone, thinking. And no, this has not happened once or twice but 'n' number of times where I have lost the count as well. Its like, their jinx of being single gets broken once they come in contact with me.. While I continue to remain single, they move on and find someone.

No matter who that person is: boy or a girl, they do find someone. While my jinx of being single continues(dont know for how long), for others I come as a blessing. I dont know how good or bad it is, but I dont feel any good about it. It feels as if I am on the losing end everytime. Everyone seems to move on happily and I am stagnant. I have to move on(in a different way) unwillingly to explore other options, which I dont like.... What is wrong with me!!!

Monday, April 13, 2009


What is better:

1. Confess and lose the person, since he cannot reciprocate.
2. Dont confess and still lose the person to someone else.

I dont know...I am wondering!!! I am looking for an answer...

Sunday, April 12, 2009

My Mask

I Face The World With A Smile
No One Knows What Is Hidden Inside
They See Only Happiness
They Cant See The Tears I've Cried

- Khuda Ke Liye

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Dont know why!

na jiski shakal hai koi,
na jiska naam hai koi
ik aisi shai ka kyon hamein
azal se intezaar hai

Friday, April 10, 2009

Have I grown old?

Last weekend I decided to take a tour across my favorite Dilli Haat and nearby places in Delhi. Weather seemed to be ok to me. Though it was quite sunny, I thought it was bearable. We reached around noon and it had become hot. As usual, I was excited to be there. A few minutes spent looking at the shops, and I realized that my energy level is going down. Though I was fully covered to protect myself from the heat and the sun, still it became unbearable. I had some water but no respite. Mom and I had a look at the few shops and that was it. I was no more interested in walking in the sun. Finished the lunch quickly there and we headed to Lajpat Nagar market... Most of the time was spent in traveling in the car, thanks to distances and traffic..

While Mom did her shopping, all I could do was wait to get back into the car and drive back home.. We were out for just 3-4 hours and I was already exhausted beyond explanation. I was not interested in looking at anything. My body had no stamina and felt fatigued. It was as if, there was not a single drop of water inside. I have no idea what was wrong with me. On our way back, I entered into a Allen Solly showroom just to feel a bit nice with all the cool air around me... I could not stand the sun anymore. I am quite used to roaming out in the sun but this day, I just could not.

I was counting every minute when I would get back home and feel better. I was completely drained out by the time I reached home in the evening. It seemed as if I have become old that I could not even bear the April sun. It was hot but not like burning hot.. God only knows what will happen when the real summers will come and if I have to go out during that time.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

And when the musical chord strikes

Yeah yeah, you guessed it right. I am so much inclined towards learning to play a musical instrument.. The thought has been on top of my head since quite sometime. I have not decided which instrument it is, but I know that I want to learn. I have had a great fascination for guitar always but considering the time that is available, it seems to be a distant possibility.

Right now, I am looking for the classes in the closest vicinity considering the number of hours that I would be able to devote and I do not want to spend any time on traveling. I have always been in awe of people who can play some instrument. And the love for guitar goes way back to childhood when we grew up listening to Bryan Adams and like every other girl, I used to love his singing and the way he played the guitar (I still do)...

I am yet to decide about the instrument. It can be a keyboard or a guitar or a sitar or may be tabla. It all depends actually. Currently I need to find a music class where they have basic teaching. I have never learnt music before, apart from some singing done in school and then some lessons later on while doing my graduation.

The interest in music was always there. It was only the matter of putting one and one together and find the right path. Something inside me is jumping since for the past few days and urging me to take up the lessons, so I have decided now. I am hopeful to find a class suits my needs and then I shall also be able to flaunt my talent some day... :-) Above all, I shall be at peace and have something interesting happening.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Life in Numbers

D sent me this tag a few days ago. Since then I have been trying to figure out how to spill out my life in numbers. Here is the best that I could remember and have tried to do...

1- Times I have stood first in my class
2- I have been to UK
3- Years since I am in NCR
4- Times I have changed my school
5- The class which I did in two schools but not repeated.
6- Number of prospective grooms I have met till now.
7- Maximum number of kilos I ever lost.
8- Years since I am working
9- New destinations I have visited ever since I started traveling.
10- Pair of shoes/sandals that I have currently.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Progressions and Appraisals

Mid way through the fiscal year and everybody wants to know about their performance, more so what future has in store for them. Yeah I am talking about the mid term performance discussions and the progressions associated with it. While the discussions will happen in their due course of time, its the progression which is the most interesting and difficult part to handle.

I find it difficult most of the times to make the associates understand why the progressions do not happen. Yes, there are cases where the picture is clear and we simply give them the reasons which are strong enough for the promotions being held up, but the borderline cases. Also the way one project leader will present his case is different from what the other project leader will present.

With the associates, its a different case. While some of them are ready to accept the improvement areas, there are who find it difficult that there can be improvement areas. Somehow they have started believing that once the eligibility criteria of a certain time period passes, they shall be progressed. They do no understand that fact that they are only eligible for the progression assessment, but that does not mean that they will be progressed. They need to clear the assessment for getting a promotion.

I have also noticed that people who got promotions very early, easily and that too at a fast rate, have developed an attitude which can be considered as rude. It seems like success has gone into their heads. Progression at an early stage has given them growth but they are still immature. This is another aspect which I would clearly see in an associate before recommending his name for progression. One needs to have that attitude and maturity to handle the senior position. No wonder there is always a certain number of years of experience needed when people at higher positions are required.

There are times when doing the appraisal, I want to tell the person that they need to work on their attitude and the way they communicate which has to be softer and in line with the corporate world, but I cant. As a manager, I have to be soft and never lose my temper. There have been times when I have actually asked the associate to have a glass of water, calm down and then start talking. I understand they are young and have aspirations to grow in the industry, but at the same time they need to develop their technical as well as soft skills. While the improvement areas shall always be there, the degree to which that is needed, is what matters a lot. Also I also feel that the person should be open to feedback and not come with a closed mind, when they enter into a room for discussion. While there are lots of positive points being discussed, one cannot run away from the improvement areas. The problem seeps in when the associate is unable to digest that he can have any improvement areas.

Everytime the discussions happen, I guess I am more worried than the associates. I am the one who is assessing them and putting their cases forward. I play a very importance part in deciding about their career and trust me, its not an easy job to do. Somewhere down the line, I feel like telling the associates that its easy to rave about not getting a promotion, but its not easy to do it when there are reasons strong enough to hold it back..

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Reminiscing Doon

I am back from my lovely vacation. Four days seemed very less, like always and I have already already started missing Doon.. There is something about the place which makes me want to go there all the time. This time it was a wonderful trip with things going a little easy. The weather was at its best. It was neither cold nor hot. Just the perfect to go on a vacation.

Day 1: Went to the tailor and gave a big bag full of clothes to be stitched. Almost half of the day was spent there which was worthwhile. Did a lot of designing and the outcome was worth appreciating. Once the job with the tailor was over, we headed towards the main market - Paltan Bazaar. Went to almost every other shop where I went as a child, teenager and then a growing adult. I was glad to notice that most of the people recognized me. Went to our good old bakery to get some yummy bread, biscuits and cake... Afternoon was spent lazing around..

In the evening went to meet a few school friends over a cup of coffee which made all of us nostalgic. A good amount of time was spent remembering the good old school days and whereabouts of the other friends. Its been 14 years since we are out of school but it seemed like yesterday.

Day 2: I went to the school in the morning in the hope of meeting some teachers. As the annual session had just ended, there were only a few teachers who were also busy with corrections and preparing the results. Spoke to our music teacher, whose son was our batchmate too, for almost an hour and it was good to get the news about the school and other things happening. The school has changed a lot. All the red and white buildings have gone except for the senior block, which has been declared a heritage building. Now instead of the red/white buildings, stood grey buildings which are newly constructed but are dull and boring.

Clicked a few photographs of the school and then I was on my way to meet one of the most special person. This person holds a very special place in my life, my heart and my outlook towards life. She is in the same school as I was. She never taught me but is very special to me. I met her through a friend. I started speaking to her only 6 months back and she has become so very close to me that I dont have think twice before sharing anything with her. She has stood by me in every phase, that I went through ever since I have known her. Her love for me is selfless. She has been my friend, philosopher, guide, motivator. Between us, its a heart to heart talk. I feel so fortunate to have met her. Spent the rest of the day with her talking, having lunch and then some more talks.. Everytime I bid goodbye to her, my heart sinks. I was so delighted to meet her and then I got a lovely gift from her, which was a big surprise for me. A lovely day spent with an equally lovely person. Rest of the day was spent at home with the relatives. In the evening, some more relatives came to meet us and then we all went out for dinner. Though the food was nothing great, but we all had a good time chatting and talking..

Day 3: The morning was spent in doing a few random errands. Today I was feeling very tired for no reason. I did not want to speak to anyone nor did I felt like doing anything. Had a simple good meal at home and rested for a while. During the late afternoon, went to meet one of Mom's very close friend and spent some good 2-3 hours with her and her kids. It was a good decision since it cheered me up and I could enjoy some more good weather of Doon. I had decided to eat some good chaat in the evening. My demand was fulfilled with Mama-Mami taking to a place where I had not been before. The chaat was awesome. I had not eaten such good stuff in ages. I actually over ate but I was contented. Lots of gol -gappas and tikki chat. It was divine. Came back later in the evening and slept.

Day 4: This was the last day and it seemed to be the busiest. My cousin's in-laws were coming over for lunch. Since morning everyone was busy in the preparation and arranging everything. Till the afternoon, we all were busy cooking, cleaning and arranging the house, table, cutlery. Afternoon was spent with the guests and eating some good food - all cooked at home. Evening was a quiet affair with just four of us - Mom, myself and Mama-Mami.. Spent the evening chatting, laughing and having a quiet dinner. That was the last evening I was there and I was back on Sunday..

Time flew by so quickly and I didnt even come to know. It seems as if the whole vacation was a dream. I still cant get over the childhood days that I have spent in the city. I feel so much at peace and at ease when I am there. Everytime I leave the city, there is a promise that I make - I shall come back soon..

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Doon Valley

The mystic mountains
The lovely trees
The blooming flowers
The cool breeze

The squirrels dancing
The birds chirping
The lovely mornings
The cool evenings

Warm hearts eager
to welcome you
Once you leave,
they even cry for you

The small lanes
The lovely homes
The lively city
The ever lasting memories

The sun playing
hide and seek
The soul rests
in peace

The warm sunny
winter afternoons
The cool breezy
summer evenings

Everytime I go
there, my heart aches.
For I do not
want to come back.

Someday will come,
when I shall stay there, forever.
Dehra Dun - Here I come,
to live all over again.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Doon time!!!

Yeah you guessed it right. I am off to my hometown - Dehra Dun and this time its a trip where I shall get time to spend there and not just run around. A few errands are there which is fine but since I will get 4 full days to spend there, I am on top of the world.. Going to Dehra Dun always makes me happy and kicks me out of the damp spirits and lifts me up. I guess it happens with all those who stay away from their hometowns - where they have grown up, spent their childhood, have good friends and relatives. Sometimes people around me get amazed when they see me all chirpy and jumping with joy and hopping around only because I am going to Dehra Dun.

I may sound like a crazy little child whose happiness knows no bounds simply because she is going home. As if I am in a prison or a hostel here and I am being freed for some days. But yes, it is that kind of a feeling. No matter how many or what all places I visit around the world, my heart lies in Dehra Dun. The city has given me everything that I could have asked for. It has everything one can ask for. Sometimes I envy those friends, who are staying there. What a peaceful life they are leading.

I have a whole list of to-do things besides resting and sleeping and simply spending time at home. I must visit the school and get some photographs. Meet some school teachers, school friends, few other people whom I love to meet, relatives.. Looks like I shall have some quality time to spend with not too much of running around.. I want to watch a movie as well in one of our old cinema hall.. Its a different feeling to watch a movie there unlike PVRs.. No computerized tickets, no popcorn/coke combos, no A/cs.. its just cold drinks served in those glass bottles, samosas, popcorn packets, patties and an occasional burger or sandwich.. Its nice in its own way..

Best thing would be the weather.. Not too hot.. not too cold.. Just the perfect to sit out and chit-chat... The lovely view of the hills, the greenery, the flowers, the birds, the squirrels, small lanes, one big main road, some famous bakeries, best schools of India and a very content and peaceful life - this is what sums up Dehra Dun pretty much.. I have already started counting down...

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Holi came and went. As a kid, I used to love running around with my little pichkari trying to wet people and throw colors on them. I loved the idea of getting colored and coloring other people. We used to be in a group of 8-10 kids and go from one house to the other and then finally to the society club where everyone gathered to play holi and the elders used to join us. Holi was much more fun and decent at that time.

Once I reached the teenage, I started detesting the festival. Teenagers of my age started using dirty colors which refused to go off, no matter how much oil, cream you used. After the holi, I still used to look like a joker who has colored her face and never bothered to remove it. Joker may still look cute with those colors but I used to look horrible. And with it came skin problems. Rashes, acne, sore eyes and throat, dry and rough hair.. I preferred to stay at home unless someone came who really wanted to play decent holi with just gulal. Also the idea of people wanting to get physically close because its Holi, had put me off. I was happy staying at home with Mom while my brother went out to play with his friends and have fun.

This year also I had preferred to stay at home. My neighbor and my school friend who stay in the same society asked me a couple of days in advance, Where would I like to be colored - in the house or in the park. I was not very sure what to tell them. I decided to go to the park – I didn’t want to make the house dirty and I knew them very well. Also I knew people are decent enough in our society and they dont get into rowdy or uncivilized behavior. Thats what happened yesterday.

I had not played Holi since a long time and it was so much fun. Quite a few people had put color on me and that also lovingly, not forcefully. Small little kids who knew me, tried to put water on me with their cute little pichkaris. The whole society had gathered in the central park but everyone played very decently. No forcing, no dirty colors or stuff like grease, paint, eggs, muck or fast colors. I dont remember when was the last time I enjoyed Holi so much. Everybody wished everyone and made sure that they enjoy rather than spoil the mood by forcing themselves on anyone.

To add to it, the society had put some food stalls and there were a couple of games. This was the first time I played in this society despite staying here for the last three days and I can safely say that I would not mind playing Holi if it is played in such a nice and decent way. I loved this Holi and I wish it continues like this for the years to come, wherever I am... Happy Holi...

Friday, March 06, 2009

Relationship vs. Sex

Boy: I love you and I want to make love to you.

Girl : I love you too baby but I am not ready/comfortable with making love as of now.

Boy: Why not? You love me. what is wrong in it?

Girl: My conscious doesnt allow me. I cant have sex before marriage. Call me backward or from 19 century!!

Boy: I want to be more close to you, thats why I want to make love to you.

Girl: Is that the only way to get close? Is it the only important thing in a relationship?

Boy: It is one of the MOST important thing in a relationship. I want my girlfriend to be sexy and horny. I want to make love to my girlfriend.

Girl: There are other important things as well in a relationship besides getting into the bed.

Boy: If you behave like this, it will be difficult to continue this relationship.

Girl: That is something for you to decide. I cant make love before marriage. PERIOD.

I am not sure what happened after this.. A very common situation prevailing in today's world. What do you think??

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

The big fat Indian wedding

Back from a cousin's wedding and I have whole lot of things to say. I am the kind of person who always runs away from attending marriages. There is no special reason.. Just that they are too tiring, boring, too much of decking up, smiling (sometimes fake as well), meeting even the unwanted people and greet them.. I know I sound like a ungrateful person but I cant be diplomatic.

So the wedding was nice. Lots of running around, exchanging of gifts, rituals, ceremonies, the guy's side throwing tantrums, the baraat arriving late, dance, mehendi, the long never ending days, the late nights, the early mornings, getting ready, making all the arrangements, taking care of the guests.. The list is endless.. Though I was the elder one, still I managed to grab the groom's shoes and then do the negotiation..

We were supposed to look our best all the time. Then all the recommendations start coming. Wear this saree with that jewellery with this bindi and that lipstick and this footwear and that hairdo... Phew!!! Too much... One of the reasons why I run away from attending marriages... I was thinking about the poor bride.. How much does she have to go through in all this. I was much better than her. Everyone had their own suggestions to give her... Being close cousins, we simply told her to be quiet.. Listen to everyone, but in the end, do whatever pleases her...

It was as if, this was the platform to flaunt your wealth, money, diamonds, swarovskis, gold... No matter how the design looks, whether it suits you or not, it should be shimmering all the time.. Bigger and more the number of diamonds, the better it is - according to them... Too much of glitter which I cannot handle.. My idea is be elegant at the same time, be classy... No overdose.. I cant look like a X'mas tree..

After 4 days of lots of very nice and some irritating moments, the wedding was over. I guess I was the one who enjoyed the most, since I clicked the pics as well as managed to interact with everyone including the guy's family and get to know some nice people. It was certainly a milestone to be achieved.. Now I am waiting for the photographs and the videos...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Eyes Eyes Baby

So the health issue continues. As if the tummy problems were not enough, since yesterday my right eye is hurting. First I simply ignored that I must have rubbed it hard.. Today morning when I checked, I found a tiny-winy swelling inside the lower eye lid. It hurts every time I blink and feels miserable. On close look, seems like its a sty... There is a swelling and looks like a small pimple has developed inside the corner of the eye.

Its becoming red and getting worse. With a wedding in the family just a couple of days, I am worried. More than that, I am thinking how this has happened. I dont share my towels, hankies with anyone. I am very particular about personal hygiene. I dont use any make up. I have not used any new cosmetic since my eyes are very sensitive to any type of cosmetic. There are supposedly good brand eye-liners but I cant use them. Keeping my eyes open is painful as of now since I have to blink. Washing with water at regular intervals gives me temporary relief.

Having constant health problem is driving me nuts. Mom being Mom thinks that someone has put a nazar on me.. :-) I dont blame her. She is more worried than I am.. I am going to see a doctor in the evening and hope that it is nothing major. I want to look my best all the time as always..

Friday, February 20, 2009

Tummy Problems

Offlate, my stomach is not keeping fine. No matter what I eat, it is not able to digest and it gets upset which in turn upsets me. I am not eating out. I eat simple home made food which generally consists of some vegetables and roti for the lunch while dinner generally contains dal, roti, vegetable and curd. Simple food. And still the stomach has some problem. This specially happens on a weekend, read Sunday when mom generally cooks Kadhi-Rice and vegetable or Rajma.. Is it that my stomach is not used to an elaborative lunch any more. The same continues for a few days before it comes to normal. I have noticed that these days if I eat something out, my stomach cannot digest it, even if it is a simple sandwich.

When my stomach is upset, its in a real bad shape. I just cannot eat anything. Its empty all the time. I am so scared of eating anything. I am living on the lightest of food one can think of - plain curd and rice, thats it. Not even any vegetable. No milk in the morning.

I wonder why do I have such a sensitive stomach. I cannot eat chillies, garam masala or oily stuff, no tea or hot coffee. These days I am not able to digest cold coffee as well. If the food is even a bit stale, my stomach goes for a toss. I carry water from home. So many times I crave to eat the street food but I know I cannot. I cant take chances with my digestive system. Its no fun being sick like this all the time... I am hungry but I cant eat anything!!! How I am jealous of those people who can eat anything and everything without any worry....

Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little bit about Me in 50 Questions

This tag was sent by BlueMist. Thought of putting it down, though I am not too much into tagging... :-) Extracts a lot of information from a person. So far so good...

1. Were you named after anyone?
Not after anyone. But my name is because of the day I was born on.

2. When was the last time you cried?
Dont remember

3. Do you like your handwriting?
Now I dont. I used to have the one of the most beautiful handwriting. Thanks to typing all the day, its become bad now.

4. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Meat!!! I am a pure vegetarian..

5. Do you have kids?

6. If you were another person, would you be friends with you?

7. Do you use sarcasm?
Sarcasm - whats that?? ;-)

8. Do you still have your tonsils?

9. Would you bungee jump?
Waiting for it.

10. What is your favorite cereal?
Not so fond of them.

11. Do you untie your shoes when you take them off?

12. If you were to pick your own first name, what would it be?

13. What is your favorite ice cream?
Orange Bar

14. What is the first thing you notice about people?

15. Red or pink?
Tough choice. Depends on the mood.

16. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My anger

17. Whom do you miss the most?
My prince charming whom I have never seen or met or talked to..

18. Do you want everyone to complete this list?
who everyone??

19. What color pants and shoes are you wearing?
Navy blue pants. Beige boots.

21. What are you listening to right now?
People talking all around me.

22. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?

23. Favorite smells?
Freshly brewed coffee, the smell of earth after the first rainfall, Fifth Avenue by Elizabeth Arden.

24. Who was the last person you talked to on the phone?

25. How do you know the person who sent this to you?
Through the blogging world.

26. Favorite sports to watch?

27. Hair color?

28. Eye color?

29. Do you wear contacts?
No.. Perfect 6/6 eyesight.. :-)

30. Favorite foods?
Tough one.. I am a big foodie.. Love to try and eat different cuisines all the time..

31. Scary movies or happy endings?
Happy endings..

32. Last movie you watched
Pretty woman for the umpteenth time.

33. What color shirt are you wearing?

34. Summer or winter
Extreme of both is a no-no..

35. Hugs or kisses
Have never experienced kiss so as of now Hugs..

37. Describe your pencil cup
No pencil cup.

38. Favorite artist(s)?
Artist in which field?

39. What book are you reading now?
The bridge across forever - Richard Bach

40. What is on your mouse pad?
Dennis the menace.. :-)

41. What did you watch on tv last night?
Dont watch TV.

42. Favorite sound(s).
Birds chirping in the morning. Sound of sea waves in the quietness of the night.

43. Rolling stones or Beatles?

44. What is the farthest you have been from home?

45. Do you have a special talent?
Started with photography

46. Where were you born?

47. Favorite piece of jewellery?

48. How did you meet your spouse/significant other?
Havent met as yet.

49. Favorite song?
Too many to list down.

50. Favorite musical?
If it is about instrument then its Guitar.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Love...

I want to let you know on this day
how much I am thankful
to you for being there for me
When I am feeling low
When I need the support
When I should be loved
Your love is unconditional
You expect nothing in return
Your love is selfless
You understand me
You make me understand
You show me the way
You encourage me
You shake me out of damp spirits
You lift me out of the deepest pits
I know I can fall back on you
anytime anywhere
You dont judge me
You accept me the way I am
You dont find imperfections in me
It does not matter to you
whether I am thin or fat
fair or dark
plain jane or sexy lass
You read my mind
You know when I need to be alone
You know when I want to talk to you..
You are the best.

I am so thankful to you for being in my life...

This is for the love of my life i.e. my soulmate - Myself on this Valentine's Day... And I also bought a very smart pair of sunglasses for myself on this Valentine's Day.. :-))

Friday, February 13, 2009

Surajkund Crafts Mela

On Sunday, I went to Surajkund Mela finally... Every year the visit to this mela was cancelled for reasons that I dont remember. But still no regrets. The wait was worth it. The mela is full of energy and vibrant colors all around. Its the place to be for the photographers. Its laid on an open ground which is a huge one and stalls are put from all over India. Every year one state represents the mela which is theme is as well. This year Madhya Pradesh was the theme of the mela.

The moment you enter, you want to run in all the directions and find out about the fair.
Each and every stalls vies for your attention. Beautifully laid out stalls exhibiting their speciality - clothes, junk jewellery, handicrafts, furniture, shawls, upholstery, linen, lamp shades, show pieces, food - you name it and you get it there.

A wide variety of food stalls were put up. But my eyes were on the Egypt Stall. Considering that I love eating and trying different cuisines, I headed to that stall. The best part was that stall had only vegetarian food much to my surprise. There were different dishes available but I settled for Falafel and Shwarma roll. First bite and it was absolute yum!!!

The crowd is endless, the shopping has no limit, the food has a wide variety, riot of colors, the energy is forever bustling - it is a must visit place... I did quite a lot of shopping as opposed to what I had initially thought and I am happy with that. Now I shall try to go there every year till the time I am here..

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Right to Infidelity?

What gives a person the right to infidelity or does the person ever have the right to have that right? I have talked about it before as well. One may have problems in marriage, may be it is to the extent that you dont want to continue with it anymore. But is that the reason good enough that you resort to infidelity. Every marriage has problems and yes, sometimes its to the extent that you want to walk out of it. Fine, agreed.. Walk out of it and then start afresh.

But cheating on your partner while you are still in the relationship - is it justifiable? While I do not have anything against getting separated or divorce, but its hard for me to comprehend the reason for unfaithfulness. If the marriage is already on the rocks and you two, cannot stay together, why not move out or sort it out in a decent way. If you have a problem with your spouse, does that mean you will go out and cheat on him/her.

Though I do not want to bring the gender bias here, but I am writing this since I am observing this about a couple wherein the man is cheating on his wife, on the pretext that they both do not have any relationship and he needs some peace of mind. My first reaction to the man was: "Will you like it if your wife does the same thing to you?" He was silent for sometime and then replied, "No, I will not like it." So why is he doing it? Just because he is a man does not give him the right to cheat on his wife.

The marriage has a whole lot of problems which they feel cannot be sorted out. Yes, you do crave for companionship, a hearing ear... So go and talk to a marriage counselor or consult a lawyer if the need be.. Talk to a friend, but infidelity!!! Problems in marriage are justifiable and acceptable but does that also gives you the right to cheat on your spouse??

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

No wonder its one of the seven wonders

Yes, finally I made a trip to the Taj Mahal in Agra. A trip that I had been contemplating since a long time finally happened. Having seen it umpteen numbers of times in pictures, I was very keen to watch this beauty with my own eyes.

The weather was at its best. It was a warm winter morning, bright sunshine and a very pleasant weather - perfect to spend the day out. It was a sheer treat to watch Taj Mahal in person. No amount of words can do justice to this man-made wonder. It speaks love of great volume that Shahjahan had for his wife Mumtaz Mahal.

One look at Taj Mahal and you fall in love with it. Even I looked at with wonder. The perfect symmetry makes you think the brains, mastermind, the effort put in to create it. Each and every angle of Taj leaves you in awe of its beauty. The beautiful carvings on marble, the colored stones leave you amazed. I feel so happy to have visited the monument of love. How much the emperor loved his wife, can be imagined by the structure created in her memory. The beautiful gardens outside the Taj Mahal are well maintained with seasonal flowers and neat and clean fountains running.

I had a great time admiring the grandeur of Taj for a long time... Ofcourse, there were a lot of pictures taken from every angle possible... and yes, it truly deserves to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World...

On my way back, I visited Shri Banke Bihari Temple in Vrindavan. The temple is dedicated to Lord Krishna. Situated in the dingy lanes, its quite an ordinary structure from outside. The moment you step inside, you cant help but admire the idol and the way the whole temple is decorated. The temple attracts many tourists from all over... As usual, there was a huge crowd and we really had to push through the way forward.. Honestly speaking, I was a bit scared for my Mom had the crowd gone wild. But I guess, God takes care of his souls. You feel so much at peace once you are inside. The way everyone prays and calls out Krishna makes your heart go out.

I had a good weekend specially the Saturday which was well spent. All decided in just a matter of hours and it worked out very well for me. Given a chance, I would like to go Taj Mahal again and admire it during the night on a full moon night across the river Yamuna.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Can we fight against death?

Is there anyone who can fight against your destiny, against death and come back? I guess No. Last Friday I lost a colleague and a dear friend to the cruel hands of destiny at a young age of around 35 years.

It was a Friday morning when the whole unit had decided to go for an outing to nearby farmhouse and indulge in various team building and fun activities. Whole day was
He had a Cardiac Arrest and by the time he reached hospital, he had already passed away. The doctor declared that he is 'brought dead'. No amount of fighting/argument with the doctor could bring him back. Before us, laid a lifeless body that was playing chess a few hours back...

I came to office with a heavy heart on Monday. There were prayer meetings for him. Every time someone takes his name, tears well up in our eyes. We were six Project Leaders in the same unit and it has been extremely difficult for us to accept the fact that he is no more. We miss him at every point. Now he will not come to my desk and ask for a toffee or a chocolate. Nobody will crack a joke and make the moment light in a serious meeting. Famous for his apt use of one-liners, we miss him immensely.

He used to sit next to me and every time I look up, I find an empty desk. We are still in the state of shock, grief. So many times we get the feeling; he will appear from somewhere and will be sitting at his desk. His books, papers, notepad, certificates are still lying on his desk. Nobody has the heart to touch them or remove them. His seat is still vacant. Nobody has come and sat there. Our GM very appropriately said that there will never be a backfill/replacement for him which is normally done when a person resigns from the organization. We may add a new Project Leader but he will not be his replacement.

We still feel his presence around us. I am not sure whether the time will come to accept the truth that he is no more and he will never come back.. I bid good-bye to an empty seat every evening while leaving. We all miss him...

Monday, January 19, 2009

Army Day

This post should have come up 4 days back on 15 Jan. But nevertheless, better late than never. Today I wished all my fellow friends who are in Army. I wanted to tell them that we recognize their sacrifices, efforts laid in the line of duty to protect us and our nation. I always say: We sleep peacefully, because we know that they are awake.

I have said this time and again that I have a special place for Armed Forces in my heart. I have always wanted to be a part of it. Now that I am not a part of it, I try to get as much knowledge about it as I can. I know getting the knowledge may not help any of the soldiers or officers but that is my way of getting associated with it.

I think about the hardships faced during training, field postings - days, months spent away from family, friends, loved ones in a remote area where getting even normal water is difficult sometimes. Places like Siachen, Ladakh where breathing normally is a problem. There are the places where people once posted, tend to health problems later on. We are sitting in our offices, houses, roaming in the malls... We dont even have an iota of information of what they do for us and our nation.

I know that unless I am a part of the organization, I cannot do much for it. But yes, I remember their sacrifices and have them in my thoughts and prayers. I wish for their safety. I pray for their long life. I wish them happiness. And yes, my salute to them. You are the BEST... My way of acknowledging the difference you make in our lives.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Cold Weather and Cold

One of the disadvantages of extremely cold, freezing, chilly weather is the running nose, cold feet, hands, red nose, watery eyes... So this time even I could not escape from the cold considering that I have quite high immunity. Not sure how I caught it.. I am fully covered in 3 layers, no ice-creams (boohooo), no cold water... Its just that I have been washing a lot of clothes for the past 3-4 days, but I am used to it.

Now it has become painful. Sneezes, the feeling of sneeze when it just stops at the last moment at the tip of your nose, blocked nose, choked throat, heavy head and a bad body ache... Nose is blocked so I breathe through mouth which makes my mouth dry, which results in being thirsty.. I drink more than usual water resulting in frequent nature's call!!! Its no fun...

Craving to eat sweets or something spicy... Right now I crave to eat aloo tikki or chaat or ice-cream but I am not allowed to... It cant get any worse than this.. Sleeping in this state is even worse. The moment I lie down, I cant breathe.. After a few mins, even the mouth gives up... and moreover I cant breathe through mouth.. its uncomfortable... And on top of all this, you cant skip office due to deadlines coming up... Have been sneezing since morning and it continues to play the game of being about to come and stop at the last moment.... So in all its a bad state to be in...

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hai Guzarish!!

Finally I managed to see Ghajini,last Sunday, starring Aamir Khan. It made me fall in love with Aamir Khan all over again. Each and every movie of Aamir Khan holds a special place in my heart. The movie has a lot of violence and is quite gory but that does not make you look away from Aamir Khan.

His role as Sanjay Singhania, the business tycoon suits him perfectly. He fits very well into the role. Even the role of a tiger out on a revenge is played with perfection by him. The way he loves his heroines, the way he wins her heart, the way he sings for her, his expressions, his charm, his personality grows on you.

Yes, I agree that I sound like a teenager in school totally in love with an actor. Ever since I saw Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak almost two decades back, I fell for him. It started with cutting his pictures from magazines, newspapers, collecting his posters, postcards, reading every article about him and moreover watching his movies again and again.

His first wife, Reena is from Dehra Dun. I had this deep desire to see him or meet him whenever he came to Dehra Dun, but somehow that could not be achieved. Now I will have to wait for that magical moment when I could meet him personally. I dont know what will happen and how will I react. My whole family knows about my liking for him. So much so that in my house, Aamir Khan is addressed as Mr.____ Khan where ___ is my name... :-)) When its about Aamir Khan's movies, there is nothing good or bad. They are simply Aamir Khan's movies and I have to watch them once, twice, thrice.. as many times as I can...

I guess the admiration for him will continue to grow. Now I want to meet him atleast once, see him, talk to him and have an autograph signed for me... May be someday this wish of mine will be fulfilled...

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Back from Jodhpur

New year eve was a lot of fun. I had gone to Jodhpur for three days and it was a great time off from the monotonous life here. Visiting the cities of Rajasthan had always been one of my dreams and Jodhpur was one of them. Its a beautiful and colorful city with wide roads and comparatively less traffic.

Though my train reached 4 hours late, it did not dampen my spirits to see the city. Jodhpur was bright and lovely with wonderful weather. The sun was out and the weather was at its best. Very pleasant. I loved the city the moment I stepped out. It was all colorful and very warm people.

I visited the Air force Station and had a close look at the MIGs, Bisons and the ATC as well.. The view from the Air Traffic Control room was breathtaking. We were explained the technicalities of the aircrafts and how the ATC works. All thanks to my friend who is an IAF officer for taking me around and showing the aircrafts. He understands my passion for the armed forces and the aircrafts and was kind enough to take me around.

The new year party was no less. Attended it at the Air Force Station Officers' Mess and it was a different experience. Not that I have not attended any parties in Officers' Mess but this one was NICE.. Great crowd, great food, great drinks, and above all, absolutely fantastic music. Each and every person was dancing on the floor. From a kid to a middle age to an old person. Everyone had a ball of a time. The DJ was one of the officers only and I was quite impressed by his collection of songs and the way he managed to keep the mood of the party as well as the guests.

This was my second new party that I attended in my life and I had a ball of a time. And ofcourse with so much enjoyment, shopping was also involved, though I had not planned. Jodhpur is a shopper's paradise and yes, at very reasonable rates, if you know where to shop and bargain.

I would love to go back to the city and spend some more time there. May be a full fledged trip to Rajasthan is something I should plan.. I know I am a travel freak or some may call me a nomad or vagabond as well. I enjoy traveling and will do so till I can.. :-)