Monday, December 29, 2008

New Year = Jodhpur = Fun

2009 is not very far away. Three more days before this year bids a good-bye forever. Like always, I do not plan to spend the new year at home. So yes, I am travelling for the first time on the new year. I leave tonight for The Sun City or the Blue City - Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Jodhpur has its own beautiful and magnificent history to narrate. A trip around the whole Rajasthan has always been a dream for me. I guess I shall cover Rajasthan in bits and pieces. I have already been to Jaipur, Ajmer and Pushkar. Now Jodhpur is the next city to visit. I am looking forward to the trip as always. Plan to meet and stay with some really close school friends. And yeah, I shall attend the new party as well either at the Air Force or the Army base in Jodhpur, if the political situation around the country remains fine. Otherwise, party at home.

Whatever happens, I am all ready to go to Jodhpur and explore. Hail Jodhpur!! Here I come to have fun...

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Neilina said...

I heard it is a very beautiful city!! Enjoy Madi. Happy New Year to you!